Microsoft Office innovations for 2021

Over the last few months, we’ve explored some of the lesser-known Microsoft Office Applications. But now, as we wrap this special series, it’s time to dive into those four Microsoft apps everyone knows and talk about some of the new and exciting features coming in 2021 and beyond. So on that note, let’s dive into the latest Microsoft Office innovations for 2021.

With businesses both large and small continuing to shift processes and operations in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there is a continuing emphasis on streamlining tools and strategies. Streamlining refers to any number of methods that allow businesses and their employees to simplify work-related tasks — or eliminate them entirely — to free up valuable time and improve efficiency and productivity.

Aside from better productivity, businesses that focus on streamlining workflows often achieve better communication and collaboration, improved time management, reduced risk of error, and better outcomes in general. Microsoft Office innovations for 2021 focus on providing targeted software solutions that can span many aspects of business and the processes that keep it running smoothly, allowing businesses to experience a smoother adjustment to the continuing changes to modern business operations.

What’s New: Microsoft Office Innovations for 2021

The Microsoft Office suite of products is home to some of the most popular business software applications in the world, including Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel. As a suite of products, these applications work together with ever increasing seamlessness to provide added value and increased collaboration and communication to your teams, whether workers are in-house, mobile, remote, or some combination of all three.

Moving into 2021, we see a host of tried-and-true features with a mix of innovations for each of these applications.

Microsoft Word app icon

1. Microsoft Word

More than just a word processor, Microsoft Word provides the perfect way to create and transform documents into hard-hitting business collateral.

Now, Word documents can be easily transformed into web pages so newsletters or other collaborative materials can be easily and simply published. The addition of 3D images can take these documents to a higher level with a simple click-and-insert.

Researching is easier than ever, thanks to a task pane where you can view sources while you write, and an intuitive editor makes writing great prose — or technical documents — a breeze.

Do you have teams working from geographically diverse locations? Word now features one-click translation of documents from a non-native language to facilitate global collaboration.

Additional collaborative options include browser-based access to documents, live collaboration by multiple users on shared documents, and a comment and annotation system that allows users to make and respond to comments tied to user-selected segments of content.

Microsoft PowerPoint app icon

2. Microsoft PowerPoint

Far from its humble beginning as just a slideshow creator, Microsoft PowerPoint has morphed into a no-holds-barred presentation super tool.

The addition of 3D animation effects, an ever-expanding template gallery, and a built-in designer that helps you craft presentations that impress show just how far this application has evolved.

Need even more reasons to love this software? Now you can convert handwritten notes to text, perfect hand-drawn objects, and interact intuitively with the software using voice, touch, and ink.

The embedded Presenter Coach gives you tips on pacing and word selection while an intuitive editor allows you to track changes made to your presentation deck by other collaborators.

Microsoft Excel app icon

3. Microsoft Excel

Excel is easier to use than ever with artificial intelligence features that learn your patterns as you work, organizing your data intuitively to save time and reduce error.

When you need to communicate your data to others, use embedded graphs and charts to present your information in easily understandable, compelling ways. Formatting and sparklines make it easy and one-click forecasting allows you to focus in on trends.

Data can be added with a photo from your smartphone or tablet and collaboration is simple when you are always working from the latest version — no matter where you are located.

Microsoft Outlook app icon

4. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook allows employees to work with their email, contacts, tasks, and calendar in one place for boosted efficiency and productivity.

Being able to book conference rooms, track responses to meeting invites, and coordinate schedules from your calendar help keep you organized while Outlook’s intelligent reminders ensure you don’t miss a deadline.

Plus, confidentiality is ensured through Outlook’s enterprise-level security features that protect your information as you work. Additionally, versions are available that provide HIPAA compliance and meet other regulatory requirements.

Make the Move to Microsoft 365

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