Print Management Plus

Print Management Plus (PMP) is an assessment tool that CDS installs in your office to evaluate and manage your printers and copiers. We will implement the program at no charge for our customers and gladly show you how to start reducing your printing costs immediately.

Whether your organization is large or small, PMP can help you monitor, control and maintain your networked output devices.

  • CDS Offers Printer/Copier Service & Support
  • Print management software
  • Online supply ordering, service & support
  • Factory trained and certified field engineers
  • On-site or remote service for your equipment
  • Automatic “just in time” supply ordering & delivery

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services is a program that covers the management of hardcopy output and output devices, including copiers, printers, multifunction devices, and fax machines. Managed Print Services include the following components:

Print Assessment

CDS uses Print Management Plus (PMP) software to discover and document all of the networked output devices:

  • PMP provides device recognition by IP address and we can add location information.
  • PMP shows toner levels, so that we can predict, order, and deliver replacement toner “just-in-time” to the end user location.
  • PMP provides machine error codes to the CDS Helpdesk, so that CDS’ factory certified engineers can analyze maintenance needs and respond to emergency service conditions immediately, either remotely or on-site.
  • PMP provides Print Usage by Device
  • PMP provides Power consumption by Device
  • Device Optimization

CDS’ professional print consultants analyze all of the data provided by PMP to recommend more cost effective and reliable output solutions. We will be able to justify cost savings by documenting:

  • Older more costly output devices, such as inkjet technologies
  • Areas that have multiple devices, each providing a document type (fax, copy, print) that will be more efficiently served by having one multi-function device, that operates at a much lower overall cost per print, requires only one power source, and utilizes much less office space.

CDS is a Vendor-Neutral Managed Service Provider

We focus on analyzing the use of your currently owned assets. We show a baseline cost per page per output device. With your help, we will make recommendations to re-deploy and better utilize devices throughout your organization. CDS partners with most major printer manufacturers and your organization will not need to dispose of equipment or purchase any new equipment, because we can generally support your current printers.

CDS Office Technologies understands printing and document management. Let us help your organization reduce downtime, improve workflow and control costs.

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