Microsoft Power BI Provides an Analytical Look at Your Business

Get a Good Look at Your Business with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is an extremely powerful business intelligence (BI) tool that can supercharge your business analytics into powerful stories that make business come alive.

With Microsoft Power BI and Office 365, you have at your fingertips powerful business tools that can turn data analytics into practical, usable insights. Would you like to be able to connect to, analyze, and visualize all your data, from disparate sources even, in one easy to use platform? Would you like it to be powerful and scalable, too? If you have enterprise business intelligence needs, Microsoft Power BI is an amazing tool.

Let’s look at some of the features you can leverage to help your business grow.

How Microsoft Power BI Improves Business Analytics

These days, business analytics is everything. If you aren’t measuring and monitoring your business data, then you might as well be driving blind in a snowstorm. Without data, every decision you or your executive team will make will be more about guesswork than actual reality.

If you have an intuitive team that can correctly guess what is going on with the business from the top down, as well as your market and customers, then taking that risk might be okay. But that is not typically the case in today’s complex, global business world. Playing “from the gut” in the distant past might have worked, but back then, your competitors weren’t leveraging tools like Microsoft Power BI and the many other Office 365 apps to enable and empower business decision making.

Connect Your Data Sources for the Big Picture

One of the common problems with data is that it tends to get siloed into different databases and sources. In data analytics, a “silo” is a set of data that isn’t easily shared across platforms or departments, which makes it difficult to see “big picture” trends or correlations. With Microsoft Power BI, you can aggregate all your big data and data sources to easily visualize everything. Once you can see all your data, it is available for analysis and sharing with teams across your business. Power BI can do all this while keeping your data accurate and secure.

Power BI does this with its extensive library of 120+ free data connectors. Whether you have an on-premises or cloud-based data source, it’s likely you can connect it with Power BI. Example connection options include Dynamics 365, Azure SQL Database, Salesforce, Excel, and SharePoint, among others.

Don’t Just Share Data—Make It an “Experience”

With Microsoft Power BI, your data won’t just be shown in a boring, grayscale graph that is hard for your audience to read and understand. Here, your business analytics will be given an opportunity to shine. You can visualize your data in any number of ways, using colorful graphics and interactive charts that can be created to communicate the way people think. Make your reports and presentations memorable, personalized, and interesting.

The Microsoft Power BI Desktop app enables quick access to reporting and other features. Just press the Windows key (shown) and search Power BI.

Business Analytics Empowered by Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft Power BI is supported by artificial intelligence (AI). AI-powered support means that your team can actually interact with this business analytics tool to get answers to business questions quickly and clearly.

Security Along with End-to-End Data Protection

Power BI provides end-to-end data protection that is persistent and will keep going even when a file is shared outside your company or exported into a different file type (such as a PDF file or PowerPoint slideshow). With secure cloud access that works across global datacenters, you can also achieve any compliance and regulation requirements regarding data security and privacy.

Microsoft Power BI, Azure and Office 365

One of the best combinations for business success is Microsoft Power BI, Office 365, and Azure. When Microsoft Power BI is combined with Office and Azure, you gain from the most seamless integration of technology along with secure cloud access.

Boost Your Business Analytics with Microsoft Power BI and Office 365

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