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Thermal Imaging & Temperature Scanning

Add temperature, face, and mask detection to your entry & access systems.

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Thermal Imaging, Temperature Scanning, & Facial Recognition Cameras

Stand-alone kiosk/access control unit with facial recognition and no-contact wrist temperature scanning

It’s in the best interest of any business’s clients & employees to do everything possible to ensure all who enter your facilities do not pose a threat. We can’t prevent every potential danger, but we can certainly help!

Building security is more than just preventing physical loss or damage. Today, security extends to preventative health measures, as well. That’s why we’re expanding our camera offerings to include state-of-the-art cameras and entry/access systems that can detect PPE (such as face masks) or elevated body temperatures and prevent potentially compromised individuals from entering the building.

These cameras and sensors can be operated as standalone units or integrated into many existing systems with door control capabilities. We also have combination facial recognition/temp scanner/metal detectors for additional security.

If you’re interested in thermal imaging, temperature scanning, facial recognition, or any other type of video surveillance equipment, contact us today to schedule a free consultation! We’ll help you make sure your clients & staff stay safe, secure, and healthy.

Available Temperature Scanning Products

Metal detector & security gate with no-contact temperature measurement

Security Gate

Digital & metal detector security gate with no-contact wrist scanner for temperature measurement & configurable high-temp alarm.

  • Metal detector pinpoints location of metals & banned objects
  • Scan count & alarms displayed on LCD in real time
  • Non-contact temperature measurement (can sound alarm if high temperature is detected)
  • 30°~45°C measurement range, high accuracy (precision to 0.1°, measurement deviation ≤0.3°)
Facial recognition & no-contact temperature scanning kiosk with alarm & door access control capabilities

Stand-alone Kiosk/Access Control Unit

Face recognition access control terminal with digital detection module & no-contact wrist scanner for temperature measurement.

  • Face recognition accuracy >99% with 10000 face off-line capacity & whitelist option (detection range from 8” to 9.5’, detection time ~0.2s)
  • Face mask detection
  • Non-contact wrist scanning temperature measurement (1–3cm)
  • Door control options with video recording and two-way audio
  • 7” Touch-capable screen
Temperature scanning camera with blackbody temperature-controlled calibration unit

Temperature Scanning Camera

Bi-spectral infrared body temperature screening camera with blackbody temperature-controlled calibration unit

  • Temperature-sensing camera with point, line, rectangle, and irregular area temp measurement modes
  • Abnormal body temperature alarm function
  • Blackbody calibration reference unit ensures accurate readings
Handheld infrared temperature scanner

Handheld Temperature Scanner

Handheld infrared temperature scanner

  • Point temperature measurement, accuracy within 0.5°C
  • Scan distance range of 6” to 3’
  • Service time of 6+ hours with USB Type-C charging
  • Center temperature measurement and high temperature tracking

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