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Website Services

In today’s business climate, a website is no longer optional—it’s a necessity. A well-built, search engine optimized website can make or break a company. While other methods of promotion and exposure are essential, no other platform can compete with the organic exposure—impressions and conversions that come in organically and not as a result of paid advertising—that a properly designed and optimized website can provide.

Website services—such as web development, SEO, site management, web hosting, and others—are relatively new for CDS, but we’re certainly not starting from scratch! In the Fall of 2018, CDS merged with southern Illinois business IT and web development firm Tech Guy Consulting. With the merger, CDS took on the web development department from TGC and has continued supporting their existing clients while offering new opportunities for new and existing CDS clients.

With the TGC merger, CDS brings on more than 30 years experience in web development, graphic design, and other web-related fields. We’ve built sites for clients in a wide range of industries with varying degrees of complexity. From simple one-page sites to complex membership sites and ecommerce sites (online stores), we’ve done a bit of everything.

We’re excited to offer these new services for clients throughout Illinois and beyond.

Web Development

We offer high-level web development services to new and existing clients. We primarily build in WordPress, but have experience managing many other CMS platforms—such as Joomla, Droopal, Wix, and others—as well as more traditional static HTML sites. When you book a new site with CDS, you can rest assured knowing your in capable hands and will benefit from a modern, stylish site that meets your needs and serves your clients well.

Website Management & Maintenance

If you have an existing site and just need somebody to update some info from time to time, we can help with that, too! We’ve working with traditional/static HTML sites and several CMS platforms, including Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Drupal, Joomla and others. Even if your platform isn’t on the list, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to figure it out alongside you.

We generally provide website management and maintenance at competitive hourly rates. If a flat monthly fee is more to your liking, we can also discuss options for managed website services. With a MWS plan, you’ll pay a simple, flat rate for a certain number of hours or even unlimited support, depending on the budget. A managed services plan makes budgeting a breeze because you’ll always know what to expect!

Web Hosting

A website is only as good as the web server on which it’s hosted. For our clients, we offer secure, reliable hosting with > 99.99% uptime at competitive rates. Our hosting plans cost more than most “shared hosting” plans available on the market, but for that slightly higher price, you’re getting a far superior service.

With a typical shared hosting plan, your site shares space and system resources with countless other websites. Websites that could be poorly coded or even malicious. And you have very little control over that.

What we offer is different. We use a dedicated web server in a secure data center with 24/7 maintenance, monitoring, and top-notch support. Furthermore, we control the sites that we allow to be hosted on our server and can address potential vulnerabilities quickly.

In addition to high uptime and great performance, we also offer secure cloud backups. If your site has a problem, we can restore one of these backups in a matter of minutes and get you back up and running.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization—or SEO—refers to the process of making a website more attractive to search engines such as Google or Bing. Search engines are continually refining their algorithms and ranking systems in an effort to show search users the perfect response to their query in as few clicks as possible. As these algorithms evolve, so, too, do the approaches required in order to make a site more appealing to the search engines.

In days past, site owners would flood their meta tags with pop-culture references and popular search terms in attempts to garner a few extra (often misguided) clicks. Search engines are smarter now and frequently analyze (or crawl) sites in order to index actual site data. There’s no magic formula for improving a site’s rank, but we’ve developed a method over years of research, trial and error, and adaptation that works and we would love to help you improve your organic traffic flow.

Bundling & Discounts

If you’re an existing client, we may be able to offer steep discounts on web services, up to and including free hosting and even a completely new site design for free. Furthermore, any additional costs can be added to your existing invoices for an easier payment process.

In general, our sites are a big step up from the site-builders and entry-level, DIY platforms you see on TV. When you commission a site through CDS, you’re not getting something canned or off-the-shelf—you’re getting a site designed with you in mind from day one. You have the opportunity to influence virtually every aspect of the process. So while the costs may be higher than what you’d get with a site-builder or pre-built theme, you’re getting something unique and created specifically for your company.

Got Questions?

Fill out the form below or call us at 800-367-1508 and ask for the web development department. If you’re an existing client or have met with one of our sales people, simply contact your rep and he or she will put you in touch with the right people. We would be more than happy to talk about a new website, updating an existing website, hosting your site or anything else you might need!

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