Improve Productivity of Meetings with Microsoft Teams

How to Leverage the Power of Microsoft Teams for Remote Collaboration

The lingering fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic continues to push more businesses and organizations toward a work-from-home or, at the very least, a more socially distanced environment. With remote work and remote learning becoming a hallmark of today’s post-COVID society, video conferencing and remote collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams are becoming more useful—and more widely utilized—among education institutions and businesses alike.

There are a multitude of video conferencing solutions available, including early pioneers like Skype to more modern solutions like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet. However, some of the most common video conferencing solutions can present a plethora of security risks.

Fortunately, Microsoft Teams provides a technologically advanced software that integrates simply—and comprehensively—with your current Microsoft Office files and apps and offers expanded security and innovative features to bring outstanding productivity capabilities to any meeting or learning forum.

Host and Attend Meetings the Microsoft Teams Way for Improved Collaboration

You have quite a bit of choice when it comes to online meetings and video conferencing software. There is Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, and countless others, each with inherent pros and cons.

At CDS, we recommend Microsoft Teams for a number of reasons.

Large Audiences

If you need to reach a large audience—up to 250 attendees in the free version and up to 10,000 in the full version—then Microsoft Teams really shines. It is the only one of the bunch able to accommodate this level of attendance, making it the perfect choice for large enterprises or educational organizations serving larger student bodies.

Better Collaboration

Is it possible to effect better collaboration online than in person? With Microsoft Teams, it is virtually a cinch to do. With a snap, you can separate employees into breakout groups and then allow each to capture ideas on a virtual whiteboard for further collaboration and sharing.

Microsoft Teams provides virtual whiteboarding and note taking capabilities that are often overlooked in similar online meeting software. Team members can brainstorm simultaneously using the Microsoft Whiteboard app or from a browser window.

Best of all, whiteboards are kept safely in the cloud so you can return to them at any time. Plus, with Teams you can work together at any time, from virtually any device for increased flexibility. Teams also includes chat/instant messaging, 1-to-1 and conference calling (with or without video), as well as the ability to create “Teams” boards for specific users to collaborate and communicate in a threaded forum-type environment.

Better Security

And here it is—advanced security capabilities for your online meetings and shared documents. Microsoft Teams provides leading-edge security including protection from malware uploaded in attachments, accidental sharing of data via files or chat, and detection of suspicious user activity.

Information remains secure with multi-factor authentication, encryption, and device management protocols.

Microsoft Teams is serious—and comprehensive—about their security, providing support for over 90 standards and regulations to ensure your company and your data are compliant and secure.

Let CDS Bring Your Teams Together Using Microsoft Teams Meeting Software

As businesses and organizations turn to virtual meetings to keep productivity high in a post-COVID environment, CDS has developed a close partnership with Microsoft to bring you video conferencing technology that can not only be an asset to your organization, but keep your data safe and secure.

Empty conference room due to workings collaborating remotely with Microsoft Teams
Conference rooms are empty all around the world. Is your company considering a video conferencing solution? If so, you should consider Microsoft Teams.

Video meetings can provide your staff with the interaction and collaboration they need to keep projects on target and workflows fluid without the security headaches associated with some of the other web conferencing options such as Zoom. Collaboration and communication is quick, easy, and accessible from virtually any where.

Online meetings not only assist staff in far-flung locations with plugging into the corporate culture and keeping abreast of ongoing organizational changes, but they also provide a way for an increasingly remote workforce to come together as a functional, cohesive, and productive team.

Microsoft Teams, with its many features and applications and its seamless integration with other Microsoft products such as the popular Microsoft Office Suite make it the perfect tool to jump-start remote collaboration with employees, students, or clients, whether they’re onsite or remote.Are you ready to put the collaborative power of Microsoft Teams to work for your organization? Contact a CDS representative now and discover how easy it is to get started with secure online meetings and video conferencing.