The Work-from-Home Benefits of Cloud Data Storage

The Work-from-Home Benefits of Cloud Data Storage

As businesses across virtually every industry move to an increasingly remote workforce, cloud data storage plays a pivotal role in ensuring remote staff has access to critical information to keep productivity high.

Businesses are busy adapting to a whole new way of working. More employers are allowing staff to work remotely — a trend that’s continue for the foreseeable future. Employees are embracing the work-from-home trend, stating a higher level of productiveness and a lower level of stress.

However, dealing with a geographically scattered staff or even a hybrid work situation with workers spending some time at the office and some time working from home can cause workflow disruptions. If businesses don’t have strong and secure data sharing capabilities, it can hinder staff collaboration and reduce productivity.

That is why many businesses are turning to cloud data storage solutions to help them provide secure access to the information their employees need to keep business running smoothly.

How Cloud Data Storage Benefits Remote and In-office Staff

Let’s face it — data is central to the operation of any business. To get their jobs done, your staff needs fast access to information wherever they are: At the office, on the go, or working from home.

But mass quantities of data are hard to manage when not centrally located. And transferring or transporting physical documents carries risk, such as theft, loss, or damage.

Curating data in the cloud, however, gives authorized individuals access to every file they need, on any device they use.

Here are two great options that can be leveraged individually or together to help unify your workforce, regardless of where they are located:

OneDrive Cloud Storage

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage application that allows anyone already using Microsoft 365 at least 1TB of storage space. This will vary according to plan and businesses can take advantage of larger cloud storage availabilities to suit their information storage needs.

Every file stored on OneDrive is secure and private unless the owner decides to share it with colleagues or clients. For better information control, companies can easily set parameters for sharing to include or prevent collaboration with outside parties.

OneDrive makes the data your employees need available on any device they use and safeguards it with a number of protocols such as two-factor verification, mobile encryption enabling, and other advanced security options through a Microsoft account.

In addition, the OneDrive security team provides detailed access control systems, security monitoring and automation, and secures data both in transit and at rest for expanded protection.

SharePoint and the Cloud

The SharePoint application dovetails seamlessly with OneDrive to provide a supercharged cloud-based collaborative platform that enhances workflows while protecting data as it flows throughout your workforce.

If you have a SharePoint Server, it can host all employee OneDrive libraries for faster, quicker, more secure access to necessary information.

SharePoint acts as your company’s intranet — a one stop location for sharing common resources, keeping employees updated on corporate news and policies, and managing content for better productivity and enhanced decision-making. 

Using both platforms together can provide the kind of powerful search and intelligent storage that helps employees harness collective knowledge and maximize productivity, regardless of location.

Rich digital experiences possible with other Microsoft business applications like Flow and PowerApps can increase the power of SharePoint and OneDrive and simplify remote operations.

CDS Can Bring the Power of SharePoint and OneDrive Cloud Data Storage to Your Office

The business world is quickly adapting to the new paradigm of remote work and hybrid office/work-from-home mashups.

To take your place among those companies that will succeed as our world shifts into this new phase of doing business, you need strong processes in place to keep your staff connected and productive.

At CDS, we have curated state-of-the-art technologies and tools from the leader in the field of digital technology — Microsoft. We know that most businesses run their core processes on trusted Microsoft tools such as Word, Excel, and more.

Using these tools, your employees will have access to the critical information they need across all devices, allowing for workflows to continue seamlessly, from the office to the home — and beyond.

Get the power of cloud data storage for your remote or mobile work team. Contact a CDS representative now and discover how to implement a OneDrive or SharePoint solution today.