The Toughbook ® — Military Grade Laptops for Remote Learning or Travel

By December 1, 2020 March 15th, 2023 News & Updates
Toughbook, The Right Tool for Remote Learning or Working

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused widespread changes in the way we learn, work, and play — changes that will continue to impact our society as we adjust to living with new challenges and restrictions. Among the many adjustments are a shift to a remote or hybrid learning platform for K-12 and college-aged students and a move toward remote work situations for many employees.

Both of those situations have caused employers, schools, and parents to zero in on issues that can cause a slowdown in productivity — namely, ensuring that students or employees have the proper technology to access critical information.

U.S. schools purchased 30 million laptops and tablets in 2019, while parents added another 2.2 million laptops to this count through direct purchases.  That is because a laptop has become an essential piece of equipment to keep students connected, especially if they must learn from home.

While not inexpensive, laptops for students are crucial for education success, so long as they can stay in good working order. Kids are unpredictable and notoriously careless when it comes to property, and some laptops can be fragile and easily damaged by drops, spills, or other destructive behaviors.

Remote workers need laptops, too, to stay connected with colleagues, associates, and customers. Today’s workers are on the go, moving between office spaces and home or working from cafes, restaurants, and other businesses that offer public Wi-Fi, as well as in vehicles that may be parked anywhere in the world. With all that moving between locations, laptops can easily get dropped or damaged, resulting in a loss of productivity and the need for expensive repair or replacement — incidents that have a real impact on not only efficiency, but bottom line health as well.

Fortunately, Panasonic has developed the Toughbook ®, a military-grade laptop that makes remote working or learning simple and worry-free.

How the Toughbook Can Help Students and Remote Workers

Panasonic’s line of Toughbook laptops is designed to provide users with rugged, dependable connectivity to keep them connected, even under harsh conditions and rough handling.

Panasonic Toughbook Pros:

The Toughbook line sports vivid full-color screens ranging from 10.1” to 14” in size to meet the needs of both work and school environments. These innovative tech tools even come in tablet form.

Mobile professionals will love the vehicle docking capabilities and the bright, large display that makes viewing business applications easier. A twin battery design allows for continuous usage through hot-swap battery replacement to ensure consistent, reliable operation.

All Toughbooks feature a range of ports and integrated options to make hooking up accessories easy and some even come with a detachable keyboard to transform from laptop to tablet instantly. Clever innovations such as the built-in handle on the Toughbook 20 that also functions as a kickstand for better positioning bring convenience and versatility to the mix.

With a range of models to choose from and many customization options within each model range, there is a Toughbook model that will perfectly meet the needs of both students and workers on the go.

Additionally, Panasonic provides industry-leading driver packages to facilitate deployment and support for frustration-free use.

And the Cons…

These machines are tough. Extremely tough. Honestly as close to indestructible as a laptop can get. But that toughness comes at a price — Toughbooks aren’t cheap. If you’re in the market for a ruggedized laptop for students or remote workers, you should expect to pay a bit of a premium for that durability.

Notwithstanding, there are dozens or even hundreds of premium laptops priced significantly higher than ruggedized laptops. Some have better specs, some are more sleek and aesthetic, some are ultra lightweight; many have a combination of beauty and performance.

With a Toughbook, you’re not exactly going for visual appeal. It’s function over form. And while the specifications are more than adequate and even upgradable to be high end, you have to remember the primary advantage of a ruggedized laptop is ruggedization.

CDS Brings the Full Range of Toughbook® Technology to Work and School

At CDS, we understand how difficult it is to adjust to the rapid pace of changes sweeping both the business and education environments.

Businesses are scrambling to find ways to keep employees properly connected as they move from home to office and back again while schools — and parents — need computer technologies that can hold up to the hard usage typically delivered by students.

That is why we have partnered with industry leader Panasonic to deliver and support their line of Toughbook® devices. From entry level to models with all the bells and whistles, we can configure the right Toughbook® to meet your needs, whether you’re building the next skyscraper or learning the periodic table.

We even have a range that provides dedicated GPS, antenna pass-through, mobile broadband with satellite GPS, and other connectivity options to bring you unbeatable performance.

Backlit keyboards, daylight-readable screens, and desktop-class performance will ensure that both students and employees will be able to be as productive as possible — no matter where they are located.

Take advantage of the rugged construction and thoughtful design of the Panasonic Toughbook® for unbeatable performance. Contact a CDS representative now and find out which model is right for your needs.