The Panasonic Arbitrator Brings Digital Video to Life in Demanding Environments

Get Robust Mobile Digital Video Capabilities with the Panasonic Arbitrator

In today’s increasingly unpredictable world, digital video can be an important part of collecting information, data, and evidence in an on-the-fly or field situation.

Many functional and technological developments have helped to facilitate the job of field service and public safety professionals, including mobility, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and others. However, before you can deploy any of these, you must have a robust mobile digital video resource as a basis for video capture.

The importance of being able to collect visual evidence in harsh or demanding conditions is undeniable in any circumstance where field work is necessary, so increased durability and reliability is a must for any video recording technologies entering the marketplace.

That is why the Panasonic Arbitrator is widely trusted by public service officers, schools, businesses, and field services to offer enhanced digital video capabilities in a fully standalone capacity or when coupled with a rugged Toughbook notebook.

The Arbitrator brings together cutting-edge technologies with an intuitive platform to provide a product that can be easily deployed in a wide variety of conditions for infinite flexibility and versatility.

The Arbitrator for Mobile Digital Video

The Panasonic Arbitrator is a trusted name in public safety connected solutions. In fact, in 2019 alone the Panasonic Arbitrator digital evidence management products and solutions were used in a large number of new law enforcement accounts.

However, its use extends beyond law enforcement into other field professions, including safety for schools, businesses, and other public areas, to make it a superior, all-around solution for most mobile digital video needs.

To make capturing high quality digital video effortless, the Arbitrator not only offers full-HD 1080p front camera clarity and ultra-accurate color for outstanding image representation, but it can also capture a full 65 degrees of field of view, even under low-light conditions.

It can be configured with four additional cameras and 93 degrees of vertical fields of view for better field awareness and achieves an unparalleled full 360 degrees of video capture for unrivaled evidence capture and video.

The Arbitrator also boasts a shock-resistant case made of cast magnesium to dampen impacts and withstand harsh environments for matchless performance across a number of scenarios.  For ease of usage, the digital solid-state video system is fully integrated and features everything you need for seamless video — from capture to storage to transfer and management.

For professionals that need quality audio with their video, the Arbitrator provides high quality audio reception and recording from up to one mile from the receiver. And the included open-system software allows the widest compatibility with other mission-critical applications such as radar systems and body microphones.

Supporting up to two solid-state 512GB hard drives, the Arbitrator has more than enough capacity for any recording or viewing needs, ensuring you have enough capacity to get the evidence you need for your particular situation.

CDS Can Help You Put the Panasonic Arbitrator to Use in Your Field Scenario

At CDS, we know how fast public safety technologies and the responsibilities of field professionals are constantly shifting to meet the changing needs of our fast-paced world.

That is why we aim to keep connected with leaders in the industry that stay on the cutting edge of technologies that make the jobs of field and public safety professionals easier. Our selection of state-of-the-art equipment is constantly curated from among the latest tried-and-tested systems on the market.

We not only provide innovative tools like the Panasonic Arbitrator to bring you the best in mobile digital video capabilities, but we also ensure that we stock everything you need to effectively serve your needs — from docking stations and hard drives to other accessories that can enhance the potential of mobile digital video.

In fact, we have an in-house team of professionals that can expertly assess your current needs and challenges to help you assemble the right blend of equipment. Having the right tools at your disposal can assist you in meeting specific goals while staying within the constraints of your budget.

With the power of Panasonic’s durable, impact-resistant Toughbooks and the mobile video capture capabilities of the Arbitrator behind you, your team will have access to the industry’s latest technologies for increased effectiveness across the board.

Contact a CDS representative now and find out which Arbitrator camera system is right for your needs.