Managed IT Services in Central Illinois

If you’re looking for managed IT services in Central Illinois, CDS Office Technologies is the partner you need. Managing IT needs for a growing business with expanding technology needs can be a challenge. Many businesses often reach a point where their in-house IT services have reached capacity and they are faced with hiring additional staff. However, with the average IT salary in the United States being over $80k per year and available employees becoming increasingly difficult to find; many businesses are turning to managed IT services.

When business owners and managers find themselves in this type of predicament, they often turn to CDS Office Technologies for managed IT services. With managed IT services, businesses can count on a team of professionals working to handle their most important IT needs. This model is much more affordable for growing businesses when compared with hiring dedicated, full-time, in-house IT staff. Best of all, a managed IT provider is equipped to handle some of the most pressing IT needs of businesses, big and small.

Malware and Virus Protection

With many businesses sending employees to work remotely in recent years, incidents involving malware have grown exponentially as cyber criminals target increasingly online workers. Malicious email incidents increased 600% since March, 2020. Many of those incidents involved ransomware which encrypts and locks down important data until a ransom is paid by the business. These ransom payments can be devastating, especially for smaller businesses that may be unable to pay.

With managed IT services, businesses get access to the latest in malware protection. Furthermore, regular updates and reviews help to ensure devices are as secure as possible.

Ongoing Technical Support

Managed IT services contracts ensure the support is there long after any initial setup is complete. With professionals ready to answer support requests, users can easily create tickets and have their problems resolved. With multiple hands-on deck, a managed IT services provider can field more requests than a single in-house IT team member. This means employees have less downtime spent waiting for support and can be back up and running faster.

Even more importantly, 24/7 services are available for businesses that may require assistance at any hour of the day. Even if a problem strikes during the night shift, businesses can count on prompt technical support.

Create Cost Certainty

For a business with a tight budget, additional costs can be the difference between being in the red and in the black for any given month. This is especially true for growing businesses that are directing resources to continuing their growth. With managed IT services in Central Illinois from CDS, businesses can count on cost certainty to keep budgets in check.

The contract price is set and the services are agreed upon. Having a team of IT professionals to deliver the services means there are multiple hands on deck to meet the needs of any business. Compare this with having an in-house IT team that may require overtime hours or additional hires. With cost certainty, businesses can worry less about their IT costs and focus on doing what they do best.

Detailed Reporting Comes Standard

IT management can be a major task and it’s important for businesses to always be aware of the services they are getting and the value of those services. CDS Office Technologies provides a detailed monthly report to help put everything in perspective. These reports include identified security issues, software licensing reminders, asset inventories, and much more.

For new clients, we identify all of the areas of need and generate a report. A clear snapshot of the IT situation is available for businesses to make an informed decision.

CDS is a Leading Provider of Managed IT Services in Central Illinois and Beyond.

When it comes to managed IT services in Central Illinois, CDS Office Technologies is the trusted partner for businesses that need better IT services while staying on budget. The experienced team brings a wealth of knowledge and provide peace of mind at all hours of the day.

To learn more about the benefits of managed IT services or to schedule a consultation, contact CDS Office Technologies today.