Managed Print Services in Southern Illinois

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For many businesses, printers are a central point of their operations. Printers act as a hub for everything from printing documents, making copies, scanning documents, uploading to shared storage, faxing, and more. Having a business run smoothly can often depend on the printers within the business running smoothly. A printer in sudden need of repair or an issue with supplies of paper and toner cartridges are both situations that can lead to a lot of stress and potential unnecessary cost. CDS is a leading provider of managed print services in Southern Illinois.

This is why businesses are increasingly looking to managed print service providers in Southern Illinois to provide ongoing service and support for their most trusted devices. With a wide range of benefits, managed print provider CDS Office Technologies has become a trusted leader in the industry. Here are just a few reasons clients continue to use managed print services month in and month out:

Automatic Supply Ordering and Delivery

With managed print services, the dreaded scenario of running out of essential supplies is a distant memory. With cutting edge print management technology, CDS Office Technologies monitors print usage and toner levels to expertly predict when new supplies need to be ordered. Not only does this mean that businesses won’t run out of these important supplies but it also means they are not spending additional funds on building a stockpile to avoid running out. Of course, the challenge with stockpiling means that a greater portion of the company budget is tied up in print supplies sitting idly by.

With automatic ordering, businesses don’t have to worry about placing their own orders or trying to predict timing on their own. Supplies show up as-needed in the most budget efficient manner possible.

Expert Field Engineers

While printers have become more reliable as technology advances, there is always a risk of a service-related issue causing a bottleneck within a business and slowing down operations. CDS Office Technologies employs expert field engineers that have been trained and certified by the manufacturers they service. This means that all repairs including warranty repairs can be completed quickly and by-the-book. With reduced downtime, businesses aren’t missing out on lost productivity or revenue.

With CDS Office Technologies being vendor-neutral, they are able to service a wide-range of devices for businesses of all sizes.

Detailed Monitoring and Data

Understanding the deeper data behind each printer is the key for businesses to truly take control of their printing costs. With the Print Management Plus (PMP) software, CDS Office Technologies is able to get a complete picture of print usage in order to fully optimize the print management experience for each unique business. CDS MPS software manages details like the power usage of each device in order to make necessary changes or recommendations.

With this detailed data in-hand, businesses can work to reduce print usage, cut back on power consumption, get a clear picture of printing habits, and much more. Altogether this leads to lower print costs and more cost certainty for businesses looking to take control of their budget.

For clients that are new to managed print services, an initial assessment is completed to help make recommendations around managing printers and copiers effectively. Subsequently, many businesses see immediate savings on printing from the very first month of service.

Online Ordering and Support

Accessing additional supplies and support is easy with our online portal, enabling businesses to get what they need quickly. Furthermore, with remote support on hand, CDS often addresses issues remotely without waiting for a visit on-location. Most importantly, the ordering and support works for any brand of printer. Managed print services are available without offloading old devices and purchasing new ones. Overall, this leads to lower initial costs to start seeing the difference managed print services can make.

Products from Top Manufacturers

Additionally, CDS offers a wide variety of products from the most trusted names in the print industry:

  • Brother
  • HP
  • Konica Minolta
  • Lexmark
  • Sharp

When it Comes to Managed Print Services in Southern Illinois, CDS is the Trusted Choice

With managed print services in Southern Illinois, businesses are taking control of their print costs while enjoying better ongoing support. CDS Office Technologies is a leader in the region when it comes to managed print services. From the initial assessment to the easy automatic ordering, it’s easy to understand why businesses trust CDS Office Technologies. To learn more about managed print services, contact CDS today.