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One of the most important aspects of business is having an efficiently operating and secure information technology (IT) environment. CDS Office Technologies is your resource for building out your IT network in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Information Technology services include:

Managing your business takes a variety of skills and expertise. Often there are competing pressures on your resources, not to mention the need to monitor and control expenses. A stable IT work environment based on a reliable infrastructure is essential to your organization because it can have a direct impact on employee productivity, customer service, and the bottom line.

We understand maintaining this environment can be costly at times. CDS Office Technologies takes away the economic burden by offering services that are the best in the industry at an affordable rate for businesses of all sizes.

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Expert Outsourced IT Network Management

In today’s world of complex information technology solutions, many organizations can’t afford to staff the required expertise to support their IT environment needs. And, in many cases, IT is not one of the businesses core competencies. Supporting an internal IT department can be costly, inefficient and impractical. With resources at a premium, you still want to keep your investment in technology running smoothly and without risk. The task of making sure this happens can be a big challenge, especially if you don’t have the staff to do the job.

When you outsource your IT to CDS Office Technologies, we…

  • Hire and train only the most knowledgeable and competent people
  • Plan strategies with a full team of experts
  • Are always alert and caring for your network.

Benefit from our full staff of professionals with an expansive suite of tools at their disposal, all at a fraction of the price it would take for hiring an internal department!

For more information, go to our Managed Network Services page.

Cloud Data Storage

Simple daily backups are no longer enough to ensure your business can keep running in the event of an operational failure or disaster. CDS Office Technologies can help ensure that your IT environment has enough resilience and flexibility for total data protection. With one simple solution tailored to your business, you have the power to backup, restore, and secure all of your important business data.

For more information, go to our Cloud Data Storage page.

Server and Other IT Products

CDS Office technologies has all of the information technology products that you need to optimize your expanding business and technology goals. From our Network Attached Storage (NAS) that stores all of your data into one small system, to our Storage Area Network (SAN) that has the processing power necessary to handle your large and robust server network needs, our products can get your overall IT environment working at peak performance.

For more information, go to our Server Products, Data Storage Products, and Network Products pages.

Laptop/Desktop/Tablet Lease Programs & Financing

In addition to our general IT service offerings, we also have a variety of manufactured technology solutions from Panasonic, Lenovo, and HP. You can purchase these products or we would recommend leasing them. By financing your IT purchases, there is no big capital expenditure upfront and you can always have the latest technologies from year-to-year.

Other Benefits of Leasing:

  • Avoid tying up capital
  • A lower fixed monthly payment
  • Flexibility of your lease plan
  • Ease of technology refresh with current offerings

For more information, go to our Laptop/Desktop/Tablets page.

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Small to medium-sized businesses can benefit from all of the Information Technology services provided by CDS Office Technologies. By enhancing throughput, increasing efficiency, and improving overall communications, our solutions can have a major impact on your business profitability. Contact us to outfit your technology environment today!

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