Why Choose Managed IT in Illinois

By October 24, 2022 March 15th, 2023 Illinois, Landing Pages, Managed Services
Why Choose Managed IT in Illinois

Illinois. The Prairie State. Home to the great city of Chicago, as well as the cities of Peoria and Springfield. Let’s not forget Aurora, Naperville, Joliet, Rockford, Elgin, Champaign, and Waukegan. The state of Illinois has lots of great opportunities for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

But with economic instability and increasing costs to do business, Illinois businesses and organizations need to find creative and smart ways to reduce spending while improving workflows and productivity.

Since technology is such an important aspect of operations for all Illinois businesses and organizations, having it running smoothly is critical. Unfortunately, it can be often challenging to find and hire good IT support staff in Illinois and elsewhere.

Furthermore, with strapped budgets and time constraints, a small in-house IT staff, or singular IT support technician, may not be enough to make sure that your business is functioning in Illinois.

Here is where Managed IT in Illinois can help.

The Benefits and Advantages of Managed IT in Illinois

Manage IT in Illinois, or Managed Technology Services (MTS), is a service provided by a third-party partner such as CDS Office Technologies. Your Managed IT solutions provider will handle all aspects of your IT for your business, nonprofit organization, school, or even government agency. At CDS Office Technologies, we have a large team of qualified and certified IT experts who are ready and available to help your organization in Illinois.

Since managing technology is what we do in Illinois, we can take care of the day-to-day aspects of your computer network operations, while your team members can focus on what you do best.

Proactive Network Management in Illinois

At CDS Office Technologies in Illinois, we leverage a bespoke, comprehensive IT management system that automates many of the daily, weekly, and monthly technology tasks that your computer systems need. Computer software and applications need to be updated and maintained in order to function properly.

This is particularly important to ensure proper cybersecurity protections. With hackers and ransomware thieves trying to access your networks, any software that is out of date can be a major liability. So, one of the first and most important things that a good Illinois Managed IT solutions provider can do is to ensure that your software and apps are updated and properly functioning.

At CDS Office Technologies, we use a remote monitoring management tool to review the systems of our Illinois business and nonprofit clients. By monitoring your systems and updating software continually, we can prevent problems before they occur.

That said, technology is complicated and inevitable issues will come up. This is where we can also help, because our certified IT technicians in Illinois will respond promptly and efficiently to prevent and mitigate any sort of catastrophic failures or cyberattacks.

Our Illinois-based Managed IT support team will be there for you to solve your computer problems. For any problems that we cannot resolve remotely, we will send an engineer out to your location as soon as possible.

Some Additional Benefits of Managed Technology Services in Illinois

As you can see Managed IT offers many things to Illinois businesses and nonprofit organizations. It really is a wonderful way to have your technology needs taken care of without you having to hire on a whole new in-house team. Let our team do the work for your Illinois business.

Our Illinois Managed IT Services include:

  • Network assessment and inventory to identify areas where your Illinois business may be vulnerable.
  • Proactive network and systems management to keep your Illinois computer networks running.
  • Microsoft patch management to ensure your software is secured and updated.
  • Spyware/Virus protection and preventionto keep your Illinois organization safe and secure.
  • Real-time network monitoring to keep intruders out of your Illinois business network.
  • Remote technical support and onsite support in Illinois.
  • Immediate problem diagnosis and resolution so IT issues don’t disrupt your Illinois business.
  • 24×7 services available for round the clock IT support for your Illinois business.

Additionally, we provide a monthly scheduled executive summary, which includes a detailed asset inventory report and a software licensing report so you can see what your hardware and software costs are. This report also enables your Illinois business to better plan for future IT needs.

Are You Looking for Managed IT in Illinois?

CDS Office Technologies can help your Illinois business or organization as your trusted Managed IT partner. Our Managed Technology Services can reduce downtime while keeping costs reasonable. We offer comprehensive data and system security while improving reliability in your network, Internet, and computer systems. Our certified technicians will be monitoring your networks and systems 24/7 to make sure everything is running smoothly. Through remote support or onsite IT repair in Illinois, we will keep your business running.

CDS Office Technologies can help your Illinois business grow with proactive Managed IT Services. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive assessment and personalized consultation.