How VoIP Is Essential for the Mobile Workforce

How VoIP Is Essential for the Mobile Workforce

The structure of office work is changing, and many workers are no longer tied to their desks. Whether they are out in the field, working remotely, or just coming into the office on certain days thanks to hybrid work, an old-fashioned landline just isn’t going to work.

Of course, we do have cell phones now. However, commissioning personal cell phone numbers for each new employee and then providing smartphones can be expensive. And standard smartphones don’t usually connect with one another for a cohesive business phone system.

This is where VoIP shines. VoIP cloud-based phones and virtual PBX systems can provide the communication access that your team needs, while providing a standardized professional phone system for them to use in their daily work.

The Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems for Mobile and Remote Work

Mobile and remote work is becoming quite popular with employees and provides a lot of benefits to teams. Less money needs to be spent on office space, for one thing. Prospective employees are also often willing to accept a little less financial compensation in exchange for being able to work from home. 

Keeping these remote and mobile workers connected is the challenge, but it really doesn’t have to be a problem at all. With VoIP phone systems, your employees can use a business phone number wherever they are, as long as they have high-speed Internet access. 

The Flexibility of Softphones

One of the key benefits of VoIP is the softphone. Softphones are basically apps that allow you to use another device such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer as if it were another telephone. You do not need another cellular line in order to use a softphone app. The softphone connects directly to the Internet but can receive incoming calls with a regular telephone number. Thus, employees can answer their business phone number no matter where they are, as long as they have an active Internet connection.

VoIP Cost Savings

As you can guess, being able to access the telephone line through an app greatly reduces the cost of getting extra telephone equipment, except for perhaps headsets. VoIP has other savings as well. Installing landlines can be expensive, and they are not something that can move with your business. Additional VoIP numbers are a lot cheaper than getting new landlines wired in for each new number.

Advanced Features and Integrations

Cloud-based VoIP phone systems have additional benefits. A robust cloud PBX system will offer features such as:

  • conference calling and integration with video conferencing
  • automation of call routing
  • voicemail and messaging
  • recording of calls to the cloud
  • integration with CRM software and other applications
  • call center capabilities and customer queues

Make Your Small Business Look Big

Because of all of the advanced features you get with cloud-based PBX phone systems, your small business can look bigger and more professional without a lot of upfront cost. Plus, cloud-based VoIP phone systems are easily scaled, and thus can grow quickly when your small business becomes a legitimate large business.

Less Hassle and Maintenance

VoIP phones that are based in the cloud or a lot easier to maintain than traditional landline PBX systems. With plug and play applications, your team can quickly get up and running on a new phone number in no time. You will not need phone company technicians to come and break holes in the walls in order to get enough phone lines in your office.

Keeping Mobile and Remote Workers Connected via VoIP

With tremendous flexibility and scalability, VoIP phone systems are the way to go if you have a mobile workforce or any remote teams. With the ability to quickly spin up new phone numbers without having to worry about landlines or new equipment, virtual VoIP phones in the cloud are a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

VoIP communications technologies can connect your disparate team members and office locations with one telephone solution that can be used across your organization. And of course, VoIP phones aren’t just for your off-site workers, they are also more cost effective and helpful for your in-office team as well.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce With VoIP

Gain the benefits of VoIP with a cloud hosted phone system. CDS Office Technologies partners with 3CX to offer a complete cloud hosted PBX that can be accessed by a full-featured mobile app. This integrated communication system offers many benefits, including reliability, mobility, innovative features, scalability, and reduced costs. Our VoIP business phone systems integrate with many applications such as Office 365 and CRM software. For these reasons and more, we are sure you’re going to love your new cloud hosted phone system.

CDS Office Technologies can improve your business communications with VoIP phone systems. Contact us today to get started.