Why Your Business Should Focus on Sustainability in 2022 (Plus 3 Ways to Help)

Why Your Business Should Focus on Sustainability in 2022; Plus 3 Ways to Help

Sustainability is a hot topic in the business world. There are plenty of good reasons why sustainability might be at the top of the list for businesses as they plan ahead for 2022 and beyond. The real challenge is taking those plans and turning them into action in order to actually become more sustainable and achieve the goals set out.

With the right roadmap and the right tools, sustainability can be more than just a goal; it can be a reality.

Why Focus on Sustainability?

Every individual and every business is going to have different reasons why they consider sustainability to be important. The most obvious reason is an ethical one. People are becoming more conscious about waste, climate change, and the effects that their decisions have on the environment. As a result, they seek out products and businesses that match their values. The number of people searching online for sustainable products and services has increased 71% in recent years.

From a business standpoint, sustainability could be an ethical initiative as well. It also could be a marketing and growth initiative. With so many consumers seeking out sustainable businesses that match their own values, it’s just good business sense to match the wants and needs of potential customers.

There are also internal benefits to focusing on sustainability. Employees can feel better about they work that they do if they also feel the company’s values align with their own. There is also a cost benefit to sustainability which could come in a range of ways including reducing waste, cutting back on consumable products, and lowering regular expenses like heating and cooling.

Whether it’s financial, ethical, or a combination; there are plenty of great reasons to focus on sustainability. Here are 3 ways to help improve sustainability:

1. Monitor and Reduce Print Use

Printing can be among the costliest day to day activities within a business. However, printing is often an integral part of many office workflows. One of the most effective sustainability initiatives a business can take is looking for opportunities to reduce printing. Not only does this limit waste but it also cuts back on costs.

Of course, reducing printing is easier said than done. However, with the right tools, it can be a painless transition. With print management, businesses can monitor printing usage and look for opportunities to reduce printing. This could include better document management that allows for digital sharing and collaboration. Along with education and policy changes, a few simple steps can make a huge difference.

2. Choose Sustainable Products

Sustainability doesn’t just occur within the four walls of the business. Many sustainable choices are made before products even make it onto the premises. A great example of this is choosing more sustainable printing products. Print cartridges, for example, are made up of plastic components. More plastic consumption equals more waste. Thankfully, there are a number of manufacturers looking to use recycled plastic and offer recycling programs to clients. These small changes can drastically reduce the amount of plastic waste entering landfills each year.

In addition to making cartridges more sustainable, many companies are developing sustainable ink that’s less harmful to the environment and requires less energy to produce. By choosing sustainable products as part of a larger print management strategy, businesses can make their entire operation more sustainable.

3. Update Equipment

While reducing printing is a great way to become more sustainable, it can be almost impossible to eliminate the need for printers entirely. This is especially true with modern printers being office workhorses and filling more roles than simply just printing. They’re also used for copying, faxing, scanning, and sharing digital files.

New printers are designed to be more efficient and sustainable. They use less power, can be more efficient when using ink or toner, and include other eco-friendly features aimed at reducing costs for businesses as well as reducing their impact on the environment. With a full print assessment that includes printers, businesses can get a complete picture of how to become more sustainable.

Taking the Next Step

Sustainability is an ongoing effort for business, employees, and the customers that they serve. With effective print management and document management practices in place, businesses can follow through on their sustainability promises. Plus, they can help cut costs while doing so. To learn more about how to improve sustainability within your own business, contact the experts at CDS Office Technologies today.