Why Use Managed IT Services?

By February 19, 2019 April 7th, 2023 IT Staffing Services, Managed Services
Managed IT Services Are Beneficial and Can Save You Money!

The explosive growth that has graced the IT industry has also created a vast array of new complications for businesses that can be expensive to handle in house. The sheer number of devices across office environments alone are astounding and require well-coordinated efforts to keep everything running at optimum levels. Managed IT services are a fantastic alternative to these complications.

Spread Too Thin, IT Departments Struggle to Manage Everything in House

This kind of maintenance has traditionally involved large and expensive teams of IT staff to maintain these massive systems. The sheer number of staff required to accommodate support as well as normal functions is costly.

IT departments are often spread thinly over the vast quantity of tasks requiring their attention. Especially across support roles, the department’s efficiency drops as a whole. This is a serious problem affecting many businesses trying to keep up with the demands technology brings.

How Managed IT Service Providers Can Keep the Strings Untangled

The fantastic benefits of technology come with strings attached, and with them, a need for IT professionals who can manage those strings. The need for so much expertise is a cost that can significantly detract from your company’s bottom line.

When your IT staff is faced with too many tasks and fettered by support responsibilities, they can get tangled in those strings. Outsourcing key support roles is a great way to keep things untangled. In comparison, it is a much more cost efficient way to keep IT functions running smoothly.

Why It’s Important to Outsource Little Things to a Managed IT Service

Different apps, devices, and platforms all come with their own brand of expertise needed to fully utilize and maintain them. This specialized knowledge is where IT management comes in.

However, there is a much more economical and reliable way to free your IT staff from support roles. In house IT departments won’t be phased out entirely, but rather enhanced, unhindered, and free to do more important and cost savvy work.

In lieu of being tied down with countless routine maintenance and recording tasks, your IT staff can be set to more important works such as innovation and R&D. Managed IT services are a savvy way to increase your firm’s overall productivity by shifting tasks to a reliable managed IT service.

When bogged down by support and maintenance tasks, the IT professionals on the payroll are being underutilized. Not only is it cost effective to outsource IT support tasks, it increases the potential of your IT department.

The Advantages of a Managed IT Service Provider

Managed IT services can provide your business with an extensive suite of services and provide you with transparent performance reports, keeping managers updated on the health of the system. Outsourcing support tasks to a managed service provider allows clients to get 24/7 support services at a lower cost than hosting the same services in house. This means that while important members of the IT staff are on holiday, your business can still run smoothly with around the clock support available from their managed IT service provider.

One of the greatest benefits of going with a managed IT service provider is the aversion of compliance responsibilities. Compliance requirements in IT can be a headache. It is preferable to outsource them rather than slowing down the staff.

How Using a Managed IT Service Saves Money

Another major advantage of outsourcing IT to a managed provider is the predictability and flexibility of the cost. When using a managed IT service provider, the cost is simplified to monthly payments as opposed to costly projections. The extra expense tagged on to house, power, and maintain masses of hardware can all be dropped when businesses outsource IT and opt for a managed IT service. When implementing a managed IT service, your firm can save money on space, energy, and hardware related costs.

The money you can save by shifting to a managed IT service cannot be understated. Full-time IT staff are a costly asset, and the cost doesn’t end with taxes, salaries, and insurance. IT staff often need expensive certifications which can be an unnecessary expense.

When faced with a serious technical problem, the in-house IT staff will likely enlist the services of another professional to solve the problem. This can become quite costly. That cost can be averted entirely when the support has been outsourced to a managed IT service provider. With these services, your company can get a complete team of IT professionals who can confer together at no added cost to you.

To Outsource or Not to Outsource?

In business, a person of consequence must consider whether there are roles, such as support roles, which are better suited as outsourced services. It is best to think of the workforce as a suite of resources and decide how those resources can be allocated most efficiently. Support shouldn’t be a skill, it should be a specialty. Managed support services have made support a specialty and offer it at enticing prices.

The benefits of outsourcing to a managed IT service provider are staggering, cost reliability, and detailed reports on your systems are all strategic advantages of these services. Strategy is important and outsourcing IT functions in this manner makes firms more flexible.

Finding a Managed IT Services Provider

All of the advantages discussed point towards outsourcing IT tasks to a managed service provider. Outsourcing your IT infrastructure is a strategic choice not to be taken lightly.

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