What Are the Advantages of Security Cameras for Your Business?

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Any company looking to reduce costs and increase profit should start by looking at workplace crime. It is estimated that workplace crime costs businesses more than $50 billion each year. Of those crimes, 68% were committed against small and mid-sized businesses.

Crime can impact businesses in many ways. It is not only costly, but it can reduce workplace efficiency. It can also erode the trust between employees and make workers fearful to even come to the office. A single act of crime can have a lasting impact on the business – one that employees and managers will struggle to overcome for many years.

Smart businesses are now leveraging readily available technology to reduce crime and cost for the company. We’ll look at how you can use technologies like cloud storage and security camera systems to improve the security of your business.

Advantages of Cameras to Business Security

Advanced security at your office will likely start with the security camera system. Security systems from CDS use cameras and monitored television on a closed network for security. Cameras are strategically placed to cover high-priority areas in the business like server rooms, or entry and access ways. The signal from the cameras is transmitted to a private network or video recorder.

The effectiveness of security systems in reducing crime is clear. With cameras in place, there is a significant reduction in the occurrence of crime. While many studies focus on cameras in public areas, the benefits in a workplace setting or business are also clear. They include:

  • Theft and crime prevention: Businesses that use security cameras will reduce break-ins and crimes like theft and vandalism. Criminals are more likely to target a less secure building.
  • Employee protection: Employees are more likely to work more effectively when they know they are protected by cameras. The mere presence of security cameras can act as a deterrent and put employees at ease knowing that there’s recorded evidence to support them.
  • Reduced cost: Security cameras provide a lower cost alternative to business security. Cameras are less expensive and provide a proven solution. Leveraging cloud technology can further reduce costs. You save money over hiring a security team or providing manned security.

Setting Up Parking Lot & Hallway Security Systems for Your Business

We suggest working with a security professional to set up and install your security system. Depending on your facility and security needs, this could include:

Customizing Your Surveillance System

The first step will be identifying the goals of the security system. This might include security for a parking lot or exterior cameras. There may be high-priority areas in the office, like a lab or server room. You may want cameras on every entrance or exit, or just coverage for access areas like the hallway.

The team will take your requirements and budget to customize a security solution for you. This might be as small as one camera in a key area. The solution could also provide blanket coverage for the office and external areas, with up to 30 to 40 cameras or more.

The security professional may have additional suggestions for increasing security. Changing the door locks and internal security system might be one task. Providing a backup power system is another. Once you determine your goals, the professional will review the options with you and design a plan for your business.

Installing the System

To get the full benefits of surveillance cameras, you’ll want to have them professionally installed. Selecting the right cameras is critical, as each one has different characteristics such as camera angle, a zoom lens, night vision, and resolution. The right camera will improve your solution.

Once you select the cameras, the security expert will install them. They’ll look at the building layout and position the cameras to eliminate or reduce blind areas. They can also ensure you have maximum coverage on critical areas like entry ways.

Finally, you’ll want to consider an IP surveillance network for your security. While you may want security cameras on site displaying images on a screen in an office, you should also consider storage – a permanent record of surveillance footage.

In the past, retrieving and using security footage was time-consuming and difficult. The footage was recorded to a DVD, marked in a log, and stored remotely. Today, digital IP cameras automate the process and are easier to use. Surveillance is footage sent directly to a secure cloud-based server. You can quickly access and use footage when needed.

Increase Your Business Security with the Right Surveillance System

Business crime is expensive. It can cut deeply into profits and productivity. Security camera systems are a cost-effective way of reducing these costs.

Modern security systems provide control and visibility of your business, even when you aren’t in the office. They show that you and your company are focused on safety and security, building trust with your customers. Surveillance cameras for parking lots, hallways, and access areas reduce your risk of litigation and lawsuits, as well as protect employees from crime.

Contact the security experts at CDS Office Technologies to learn how you can increase security for your business.