Streamline Your Workflows with Document Management

By October 23, 2020 March 15th, 2023 Document Management
How to Use Document Management to Amplify Workplace Productivity

As businesses learn to navigate the post-COVID environment, they are looking for ways to concentrate on the strategic tasks that contribute to revenue development. On average, workforces typically use less than 30% of their time concentrating on these mission-critical tasks.

To get the most productivity from your workforce, adjustments to critical efforts must be made with an eye toward refocusing employee time and accomplishing necessary process changes to reinforce higher productivity.

One of the best ways to amplify employee efforts is to make the move from a paper-based to a digital office. Even in paper-heavy industries like healthcare and legal — and perhaps especially so — securely digitizing documents for easy control is key to a productive and error-free environment.

The tool that can move your office in this direction? Document management.

Reaping the Benefits of Document Management for Your Business

Moving to paperless documents and forms can not only streamline workflow processes and increase employee productivity, it can also provide a host of other benefits:

  • Reducing storage space needed to archive paper documents for increased cost savings
  • Accelerating crucial business processes for increased revenue
  • Increasing customer satisfaction with quicker response times
  • Allowing fast and simple document and information access
  • Reducing time spent manipulating, sharing, and archiving information and forms
  • Protecting sensitive data from theft, loss, or damage
  • Improving document security and compliance with federal and state data privacy and protection regulations
  • Reducing the number and length of approval cycles

Companies can take a two-pronged approach to a paperless office — converting existing documents to a digital format and working on not generating future paper documents.

Both efforts are supported with the help of document management systems (DMS).

Using A DMS in Your Office

A high-level scanner and document software solution can help convert mail, faxes, contracts, and other documents from paper to editable digital PDFs.

PDFs can work with nearly any software program, allowing your team to create fillable forms that will collect data digitally in the future. Using optical character recognition software, these PDFs can be turned into documents that are searchable in a number of ways — keywords, author, title, document type, and more — to help speed business processes.

Additionally, these digitized documents integrate fully with enterprise content management (ECM) systems for even further workflow simplification.

DMS often employs artificial intelligence solutions to expedite document and information processing for better and more automated workflows. For example, AI software can determine the document type and route it to the correct department without the need for human interference.

Using these interactive documents allows companies to reduce paper intake by creating forms that are accessible online through a website or a mobile app. Besides reducing the number of paper documents created, this feature allows for a dramatically accelerated intake process with fewer human errors due to manual entry.

With all of these benefits, it is no surprise that the document management market is growing rapidly, reaching $89 billion in 2019. It is expected to see continued expansion, due in part to the need for increased document security — a task DMS platforms perform quite well.

DMS provides document trails, access control, version control, and other fail-safes to ensure your sensitive information is kept safe from theft or loss and compliant with current data privacy regulations.

CDS Can Help You Build a Digital Workplace with DMS

More companies than ever are seeking to digitally transform to reap the significant cost and productivity benefits provided by a digital workplace.

And yet, for many businesses, getting started can look like a huge undertaking. The document management experts at CDS can help your company get organized digitally with our simple yet robust software by InfoDynamics.

Using this dynamic software, your organization can easily store, index, access, and share documents in electronic form, eliminating paper-based processes and storage woes and reclaiming productivity to focus on the mission-critical tasks that drive revenue.

Our powerful DMS solutions help you keep information secure and compliant while fully integrating with your current infrastructure. From contracts and emails to invoices, marketing collateral, or collaborative projects, our software can help your office make the transformation to a digital workplace in a smooth, hassle-free way.

Ensure your business is running at top capacity to take your place ahead of the competition. Contact a CDS representative now and discover how document management can give your company the productivity boost that drives results.