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InfoDyanamics Document Management

The simple solution to document imaging from InfoDynamics™

Access to any document has never been easier. Contracts, e-mails, invoices or any other piece of information is merely a click away. All of this is made possible by IntactSMART document management systems.

IntactSMART is simple to use, without comprising any of its robust features. It’s a powerful solution that turns your Multifunction Printer (MFP) and/or scanner into the center of productivity for your business.

CDS Office Technologies will help you build access to documents anytime, anywhere in a highly secure, fully integrated electronic document management environment. Your organization will be able to easily store, index and access documents in an electronic format – providing instant productivity gains right out of the box.

If your goal is to eliminate paper based file storage systems and reclaim office space, then you should take a serious look at IntactSMART document management.

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