The Benefits of Education Technology in Chicago

The Benefits of Education Technology in Chicago

Chicago education technology is continuing to evolve and become a more integral part of learning and teaching. While technology does have its challenges, overall, the benefits of education technology in Chicago far outweigh any drawbacks.

Technology Needs for Education in Chicago, Illinois

With so many Chicago educational institutions of varying sizes, technology needs will be, of course, different. That said, most Chicago schools and learning organizations will need the same basics, such as having a strong network that’s secure, functioning printers and copiers, and document management workflows that help the organization manage information internally.

Unique IT Needs of Chicago K-12 Schools

With strapped budgets and yet a lot of students to teach, Chicago K-12 schools can really benefit from technology support. From ensuring that printer fleets are working properly to keeping school networks secure and safe from cyberattacks, Chicago education technology can help these schools.

Chicago Education Technology for Illinois Universities and Colleges

Chicago, IL colleges and universities also have technology challenges. With the move to hybrid learning due to the coronavirus pandemic, schools now need to have both online and in-person classes up and running smoothly.

Vocational Schools in Chicago Have IT Needs

Chicago vocational schools can sometimes be forgotten when discussing education, however, they are an important piece of the overall learning opportunities available to Illinois students. Chicago education technology for vocational schools can really help these learning centers do even better for their students.

For-Profit Chicago Schools and Technology

The Chicago area has many for-profit schools that cater to a variety of needs, particularly for adult learners, for example, culinary schools or schools that might simply teach hobbies such as sewing or painting for adults. From using printers to produce flyers and marketing materials, to setting up networks where students can interact with each other online, Chicago for-profit schools have many needs for IT.

Managed IT and Cloud Data Services for Online Schools in Chicago

Some schools might be headquartered in Chicago, but might be operating entirely online. These Illinois schools can certainly benefit from IT services geared towards educational institutions, particularly services that can enable online learning, such as Cloud Data Storage and Managed IT Services.

Why Chicago Education Technology Is So Important

Chicago school administrators, deans, and managers have many tough decisions to make when it comes to IT needs. Ideally, technology for educational institutions in Chicago will provide greater benefit while reducing costs. 

If you think you can get away with not spending any budget on IT in Chicago, think again. Technology isn’t something that can be ignored these days. And proper technology management is important for successful operations of Chicago-area schools. A lack of proper IT management can lead to disaster, especially with the increase in cyberattacks that are happening globally.

Furthermore, Chicago-area schools have specific regulations and guidelines they must abide by, particularly if they are public and/or are receiving funding from the government. Student data and information must be protected and kept private. This is very important. And it speaks to the need for Windy City school networks to be completely secure and safe from outside intruders and hackers.

Many Chicago schools have tight budgets, and therefore do not necessarily have the resources to hire on the amount of IT staff that would be necessary to truly protect the networks from cyberattacks as well as keep them functioning properly. Tech support is necessary for Chicago schools, but it might not be feasible to do it all in-house.

Managed IT Solutions, Cloud Data Services, and Managed Print Services for Chicago Schools

Outsourcing IT needs to a trusted provider and consultant is a popular and well worth it option for Chicago area schools and educational institutions. By using a third party IT provider, Chicago schools do not have to worry about hiring a full staff for IT needs. Instead, the third party provider serves as a virtual team, providing the tech support that helps keep the Chicago school up and running technology-wise. 

Whether the Chicago school is a small local public school, a large university, a budding vocational school, or even a small for-profit business, a third-party technology consultant or IT vendor can make a huge difference. Services offered include:

  • Managed IT Services, which provides full management of the school network and tech support
  • Cloud Data Storage, which helps to secure and store data
  • Managed Print Services, which will oversee and run the printer fleet

Managed IT Services for Chicago Schools and Educational Institutions

If your educational institution could benefit from Managed IT Services, Cloud Data Storage, or Managed Print Services, CDS office technologies can help. As a leading IT consultant that helps organizations of all sizes with their technology needs in Chicago, we can help your school or educational institution become better prepared for all of the technology requirements of thriving in the 21st century. Contact us for more information and to set up a consultation, where we can discuss the unique IT needs of your Chicago learning organization.

CDS Office Technologies is a leading provider of Managed IT Services as well as other technology services for schools, educational institutes, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies in and around Springfield, IL. If you need help with education technology in Chicago, please contact us for a consultation.