Modern MFP Features to Make Your Life Easier

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Modern MFP Features to Make Your Life Easier

Attractive, readable documents are an important part of doing business. And these days, many companies and organizations try to print as much as possible in-house, rather than outsourcing to print shops. In these cases, a modern multifunction printer (MFP) can be extremely helpful in printing common documents and files that organizations need on a regular basis.

But did you know that multifunction printers can do more than just print on a plain piece of paper… or print, scan, copy, and fax? (Hence the name, multifunction printer!) Today’s multifunction printers have many capabilities that go beyond just printing a standard sized document. While it depends on the brand and the make, multifunction printers can often do so much more, including printing on wide format paper such as banners and larger paper sizes.

Great Things You Can Do With Multifunction Printers

Finishing features like duplex printing (printing on two sides) and stapling can be leveraged by businesses to make the printing environment more efficient as well as powerful. Here are some of the advanced features that can make your documents amazing while saving on busywork.

MFPs Can Make Automatic Stapling a Snap

Why waste the time of your workers with manual stapling of documents? Many multifunction printers can manually automatically staple booklets and documents. With the ability to quickly staple batch jobs, MFPs can really speed up the process of creating documents while freeing up staff time. Here is an amazing modern spin on the staple: instead of metal staples, some multifunction printers will use stitches because this makes it easier to recycle and shred documents.

MFPs Can Easily Automate Collating and Sorting

Sorting and collating documents can be extremely time-consuming, as well as an excruciating task for your administrative workers. They can better spend their time doing other things than this tedious task. The sorting finishing option leveraged from your multifunction printer can help your team handle large print batches. With specific settings available, you can customize the sorting for your needs and easily streamline your document production.

MFPs Can Save Time With Document Folding

Folding documents is another thing that you don’t need your administrative staff to be doing. Besides, if a human being folds paper, a lot of error can occur. The paper might not be folded consistently, or it might not be folded enough. But with your multifunction printer, you can achieve crisp folds for your documents that are consistent across the board. Plus, folding will be a ton faster when you MFP does it.

MFPs Can Also Double as Automated Hole Punchers

Once again, why have your team waste their time on repetitive, tedious tasks when your multifunction printer can do it? Hole punching can be hard on the hands and also, it is less likely to be consistent when human beings do it. The right multifunction printer can handle automated hole punching quickly and effortlessly. The whole punch feature is great when you want to create booklets and documents for binders.

MFPs Can Become Full-Fledged Booklet Makers

Some MFP models include a full featured booklet making system that will include a complete host of integrated document finishing options. These finishing options will help your business quickly create professional and beautiful printed works.

MFPs Can Integrate With Roll Feed Systems

If your business has a need to handle large scale printing jobs, then you should know that many multifunction printers can be integrated with external roll feed systems. These feeders can feed and cut sheets to your precise and specific directions. If you have a special dual mode sheet feeder, then two multifunction printers can actually be used to really streamline the process….even if they are from different manufacturers.

Looking for the Best Multifunction Printer in Illinois?

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