How Much Money Can You Save with Managed IT? 

By April 18, 2022 March 15th, 2023 Cybersecurity, Managed Services
How to Save Money with Managed IT Solutions

Technology: You can’t live with it, and you can’t live without it. For businesses, balancing the costs of IT with ensuring that technology systems are functional and reliable can be a challenge.

Your IT team might be stretched to the max. Or perhaps you are a small business with just one System Administrator, or maybe even none. But you have to keep the computers running and the networks functional. The printers need maintenance and there’s always the threat of a new cyberattack.

Managed Technology Services (MTS), also known as Managed Network Services (MNS) can be a huge help in ensuring that your IT systems are functioning correctly without breaking your bank.

What Are the Benefits of Managed IT?

The terms Managed Technology Services (MTS), Managed Network Services (MNS), and Managed IT all refer to working with a third-party team of certified technicians who can be available 24/7 to manage downtime, cybersecurity, tech support and network administration. 

From remote support on site repair, your Managed IT team can handle the heavy lifting of day-to-day IT administration support. This gives your onsite staff the time and space to do more long term planning and special projects.

The benefits of Managed IT do include significant cost savings. Why?

  • Managed IT helps your company maintain costs by providing consistent quality services at a regular monthly rate. Your monthly cost will be predictable instead of chaotic.
  • With a more reliable network and computer systems, your staff will be able to focus more on doing their actual work rather than putting out technical fires. This, of course can save the company money in the short and long term. 
  • System security is really, really important these days with massive cyberattacks a constant threat. Businesses can lose millions, if not billions, of dollars from a hacking attack or ransomware. Having robust cybersecurity is one of the best ways to save money in the long run.
  • Managed IT services can also help improve the stability of your computer systems and keep the equipment functioning properly, which will not just save on downtime, but save costs on constantly fixing and repairing things that were not being well maintained.

The Potential for Cost Savings With Managed IT Services

If you want to know how much money you can save with Managed IT, it is not a bad idea to do a technical audit of your company. This audit might include all of the technical equipment that you have, including computers, printers, scanners, copiers in the like. It might also include the cost of maintenance, repairs, and onsite staff. 

Managed Print Services as a Cost Savings Measure

A specialized subset of Managed IT is Managed Print Services or MPS. With Managed Print Services, the third-party vendor will provide maintenance, support, and repair of your printers. As part of the monthly lease, you will get functioning printer equipment. And you won’t have to worry about buying new printers which can be an excessive expense if you’re looking at high end multifunction printers. 

Leasing printers along with using Managed Print Services is a great way to save costs, because you will be using the best printer equipment that is properly maintained. Additionally, supplies can be automatically ordered because the systems are being monitored. 

Furthermore, printer waste can be reduced with MPS remote monitoring. By printer waste, we don’t just mean using more ink than is necessary, or printing on one side of the paper when both sides could be used. This is a type of waste, of course. But printer waste also includes your staff abusing your printer privileges to print out things that aren’t related to the company. MPS can mitigate this with printer access controls.

Looking to Save Money With Managed IT Services?

Managed IT has a lot to offer growing companies. If you would like an affordable way to improve your operations without having to hire a huge staff, Managed IT is probably for you. Set up a consultation with us at CDS Office Technologies. We can conduct a technology audit to see where our expert Managed IT services can help your business grow while saving money.

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