Advantages of Chromebooks & Google Classroom

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The world is changing rapidly. Cloud connectivity has brought greater access to technology and information. Social media has become a critical part of how we communicate and collaborate. Apps and software can automate and improve almost every aspect of our lives.

It’s a changing world, but education has struggled to keep pace. This is not the fault of educators. It’s often a by-product of tightening budgets and a reluctance to expose children to the dangers that creep online.

Fortunately, there are tools and systems in place for educators ready to leverage technology in the classroom. You can now safely bring computers to the classroom without breaking the school budget.

We’ll look at the Google classroom, one of the most innovative and cost-efficient tools for teachers. You’ll also discover how to safely use low-cost Chromebooks to improve educational outcomes for students.

What Is Google Classroom?

In the battle between technology providers, Google already has an advantage over the competition. More than four years ago, Google introduced Google Classroom. It is an online learning system that digitizes many of the inefficient paper-based systems for educators.

Google Classroom allows teachers and students to communicate and collaborate. Teachers can share documents and resources, assign work, collect assignments, provide feedback, and more. Teachers log in to create lessons and materials for students, and then send material out directly through Google. Students can send back work just as easily.

The information and classes in Google Classroom are password-protected and private. It also stores and archives material, so accessing past lessons is easy. You can retrieve material in just a few short clicks. Google is also actively supporting the product, with a new update recently delivering new features like an improved grading tool, additional file support, and an updated user interface that is easy to use.

Best of all – Google classroom is free. Setting up and using the system is simple. Just make an accountant for every student, login and you are ready to go. There are no limits to the number of users.

Benefits of Chromebooks for Education

As powerful as Google Classroom is for education, some schools will struggle to access and leverage the system. The cost of getting students connected and online has always been prohibitive to budget-strapped school districts.

Low-cost Chromebooks for education are making it easier for schools to provide learning technology tools to students. Let’s look at how schools can benefit from Chromebooks.

Chromebooks and Collaboration

Many of the tools found native on the Chromebook will improve and enhance student and teacher collaboration. Gmail can be used to send private messages. Calendars can be used to create schedules for students. Teachers can monitor student assignments, and instantly provide feedback when needed.

Cost of Chromebooks for Education  

Chromebooks are much cheaper than comparable computer systems. You can purchase a Chromebook for less than $150. Google also provides apps for educators, known as Google Apps for Education (GAFE). These free apps include most, if not all, the productivity apps a student and teacher will need, which are also all available in the cloud.

Apps can also be selected for each student. Teachers can also block or restrict apps when needed. There is no installation since everything works through the cloud and browser. Schools can easily track usage on the device remotely. You can know how students are using the Chromebook. Security features protect not only the school network, but the student as well.

Chromebooks are also lightweight with a battery that can last up to 8 hours – an entire school day. Security updates are automatically loaded in the background. Finally, Google provides free support for GAFE for any educator using an app or Chromebook.

Chromebooks and the Google Classroom

There are many benefits of Chromebooks to students. Chromebooks work perfectly with the Google Classroom, and since many students are already using technology and apps in everyday life, most are comfortable with the transition to a more digital-based, rather than a paper-based classroom.

Students feel more organized and empowered using a Chromebook and Google Classroom. Teachers can easily connect with and engage students while they are working. Educators can also customize lessons and materials to the individual needs of the student.

The Future of Google Classroom

Many school systems have already embraced Google Classroom and Chromebooks. They have eliminated costly snow days and now allow students to work and collaborate from home during inclement weather. The result has been a resounding success with both students and teachers.

The future is here, and schools need to integrate technology and applications to better prepare students. Google Classroom and Chromebooks for education is a powerful tool for educators looking to leverage technology for students.

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