What Type of Temperature Scanning Device Best Fits Your Business?

Man standing in front of temperature scanning kiosk in office building.

The COVID-19 coronavirus crisis has forced many businesses and organizations to monitor the people coming into their buildings. In particular, risk can be minimized if all people entering are wearing face masks or other PPE and are screened to ensure they’re not running a fever.

Today’s temperature scanning devices help to automate these processes. In smaller buildings a handheld temperature scanner may be adequate; in larger venues with larger numbers of people entering, a thermal imaging camera or temperature-scanning kiosk may be a more efficient choice.

What type of temperature scanning devices should you use in your business? Read on to learn about the different types and determine what would work best for you.

Types of Temperature Scanners

At CDS we offer a variety of temperature scanning devices for different types of buildings and needs.

These temperature scanners can be used as standalone units or integrated into existing door control security systems. Some units can detect both abnormal temperatures and the presence—or absence—of face masks.

Security Gates

Combination digital and metal detector security gates are best suited for securing large buildings and events. These devices include a traditional metal detector with no-contact wrist temperature scanners. Some models are equipped with additional temperature scanners (such as a forehead and body scanner) to provide more thorough results. An alarm is set off if metal objects are detected or if the person’s temperature is above normal. These gates are very capable and even display real-time information on an LCD screen.

Standalone Kiosk Units

This type of unit enables people entering the building to check their status by themselves, without the need for a dedicated operator. A person walks up to the kiosk and views their picture on the screen. The kiosk uses face recognition technology to determine if the person is wearing a mask, and sounds an alert if no mask is detected. The person then holds their wrist to the no-contact temperature detection scanner, which gives an all-clear signal or sounds a warning if an abnormally high temperature is detected.

The kiosk can be programmed to work with existing security equipment to allow building access if certain criteria are met. The kiosk can be mounted to a wall or on its own stand. (Note: the kiosk is not intended for outdoor use.)

Handheld Temperature Scanners

Most people are already familiar with handheld temperature scanners. These devices use infrared technology to sense a person’s temperature and then display the results on the device’s built-in screen. They’re small and easy enough to operate that they can be used by practically anyone – and they’re accurate to within 0.5 degrees centigrade.

Choosing the Right Temperature Scanner for Your Business or Building

Of the thermal scanning devices listed above, which is the best choice for your building and business?

Small Businesses

Small businesses need an efficient and cost-effective solution for scanning the temperatures of employees and customers. For many small businesses, handheld temperature scanners and the stand-alone kiosks are both ideal solutions. Handheld scanners are perfect for low-traffic environments and can be both portable or stationary, but require manual operation. Stand-alone kiosks allow for a more automated process, but are more expensive.

Office Buildings and Large Workplaces

Handheld scanners are useful supplemental devices for larger office buildings, factories, warehouses, and other workplaces with moderate traffic volumes, but may not be sufficient on their own. In these environments, a standalone kiosk is a better solution. Employees and visitors entering the building can screen their temperatures without the assistance of other personnel. Furthermore, these self-service kiosks also check for the presence of face masks.

Government Buildings

Temperature scanning cameras are the right solution for many types of government buildings. This type of device is designed to scan large groups of people during high-volume periods. Operators watching the monitors can instantly see anyone entering who has an abnormal temperature.


Schools of all types have been gravitating towards security gates that combine metal detectors with temperature scanning. This ensures that no metal weapons enter the school and that students with abnormal temperatures can be assessed or directed to the school nurse or health department.

Let CDS Help You Choose the Right Temperature Scanning Device

CDS Office Technologies is one of the leading suppliers of temperature scanning devices throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri. We offer state-of-the-art thermal cameras, handheld scanners, standalone kiosks, and security gates from industry-leading manufacturers. Our experienced staff will work with you to choose the right scanning device for your business or building—and help keep your employees safe. Contact CDS Office Technologies today to learn more about temperature scanning devices.