The Benefits of Managed IT in Champaign, Illinois

Managed IT in Champaign

Despite being on the smaller size – with a population of roughly 90,000 – Champaign, IL, has all the benefits of a larger urban area without all the stress. The Champaign-Urbana metropolitan area has arts, culture, and a Big 10 champion university in the University of Illinois.

Innovative Technology in Champaign, Illinois and Research Park

Technology is a big deal in Champaign, Illinois. The University of Illinois houses Research Park, an “innovation hub for technology commercialization” designed to support tech startups. Research Park has also attracted larger, more established companies like Yahoo!. More than 120 companies utilize Research Park, providing more than 2,100 high-tech careers while supporting 800+ student interns.

Did you know that the world’s first web browser was also invented in Champaign, Illinois?

What Is Managed IT Services in Champaign, Illinois?

Managed IT Services in Champaign, Illinois – also called Managed Technology Services (MTS) and additionally known as Managed Network Services (MNS) – is a service provided by a third-party vendor to proactively monitor and maintain your computer systems and networks. 

If you are looking for the best Managed IT Services in Champaign, Illinois, CDS Office Technologies can help. We have been successfully serving businesses, schools, governments, and other organizations in Illinois for more than 50 years.

The Benefits of Managed IT Services in Champaign, Illinois?

If Champaign, Illinois is such a major tech hub, why would companies need to outsource part of their technology needs? Well, for one thing, Managed IT helps Champaign startup tech teams focus on the innovative technology that is their core business, instead of “wasting time” on the “drudgery” of daily network management. At CDS Office Technologies, we also help educational institutions and schools set up networks and systems to support technology learning, among other things. 

Here are some of the benefits of Managed IT Services in Champaign, Illinois:

Managed Technology Services Saves Money in Champaign, Illinois.

No matter what the size of the Champaign business, school, or agency, most organizations must deal with the challenge of managing, maintaining, and securing their computer networks. At the same time, they must also balance these needs with budgetary limitations. Outsourcing network management to CDS Office Technologies saves money that would have otherwise been spent on in-house IT network administrators.

Managed IT offers better network management in Champaign, Illinois.

Computer networks require a lot of care and feeding in order to function properly. With Managed IT in Champaign, Illinois, your networks will be managed by certified technicians who will conduct proactive network and systems management, real-time network monitoring, immediate problem diagnosis and resolution, and ongoing cybersecurity. 

Managed IT frees up your Champaign, Illinois employees to focus on the core business.

Even if you are launching a tech startup at Research Park in Champaign, you probably want your team to spend more of their time on coding and less of their time troubleshooting in-house IT infrastructure such as printers and networks. Managed IT handles your basic IT needs to free up your time for bigger and better things.

Managed IT offers comprehensive network planning and strategy in Champaign, Illinois.

Short- and long-term planning is important for businesses and organizations of all sizes. For tech startups, it is especially important to be prepared to scale quickly. Through transparent network assessments and monthly executive reporting, Managed IT Services can help your business plan for the future. CDS Office Technologies goes a step further by providing full transparency on any security vulnerabilities, needed upgrades, and potential equipment needs.

Managed IT protects your networks from cyberattacks in Champaign, Illinois

Precisely because Champaign, Illinois has so many boutique IT startups, hackers might find a bounty of data and information that they’d love to steal. Small businesses are actually a big target of hackers, often because they simply don’t have the IT teams to provide a high level of cyber security. With Managed IT Services, your Champaign-Urbana startup can benefit from added cybersecurity, ransomware protection, and disaster recovery.

Getting Started With Managed IT Services in Champaign, Illinois

Looking for Managed IT Services in Champaign, Illinois? If you want the best Managed IT Services in the Champaign-Urbana metropolitan area, then CDS Office Technologies should be your first choice. Our certified technicians are dedicated to getting your networks straightened out, so they are running smoothly and securely. Our consultants delight in working with you to determine the needs and goals of your business and set up an appropriate technology strategy to meet them. 

Through Managed IT, CDS Office Technologies has many ways to help your business succeed and thrive in Champaign, Illinois. You will want to get started with a comprehensive Managed IT assessment so we can see exactly where your pain points are and how we can best help you right away. We are looking forward to working with you!

CDS Office Technologies can help dramatically improve your organization’s productivity and efficiency through our Managed IT Services in Champaign, Illinois. Contact us today to schedule an assessment and consultation.