Temperature-Sensing Cameras with Facial Recognition—A New Layer of Security for a Post-Pandemic World

Choosing the Best Temperature-Sensing Camera with Facial Recognition

While lawmakers and specific political groups continue to debate the use of facial recognition software, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the value of this technology into fine focus.

Now, face-scanning software developers are rushing to create reliable products that can not only recognize faces, but also detect personal protection equipment (PPE) masks and scan for abnormal body temperatures.

Fevers, which affect nearly 99% of people infected with COVID-19, are one of the most common symptoms of this pervasive virus. Being able to detect abnormal body temperatures using routine screenings upon entry into public buildings or workspaces can identify potentially contagious individuals and prevent them from coming into contact with others.

Not only can this technology assist in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, such systems can underscore your commitment to employee and customer safety, raising your profile in the public eye for a definitive competitive edge.

How Temperature-Sensing Cameras with Facial Recognition Can Assist in Controlling the Spread of Disease

As cities across the United States—and the world—begin reopen their economies and populations begin to move freely among locations and across borders, employers are expressing concerns about new outbreaks affecting their workforces.

New technology that includes temperature-sensing cameras with facial recognition functions that are mounted on a wall or freestanding kiosks can not only ease the concerns of employers, government agencies, and security personnel regarding an individual’s health, but they can easily scan for the appropriate PPE. Mask detection has long been a part of facial recognition tech, but traditionally has been used to flag those wearing masks as potential threats. Now, we’re now seeing it used for the exact opposite purpose: identifying and, in some cases, flagging or restricting people that are not wearing a mask.

These features can assist in the prevention of disease cross-spread, particularly in crowded areas such as school campuses, airports, hospitals, large enterprises, and other scenarios where epidemic prevention and control is necessary.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends the wearing of PPE masks to protect oneself and others from disease spread. They also recommend that individuals with common symptoms such as fevers and cough remain at home or seek medical care when appropriate. Screening individuals before they enter a workspace or public area for fever and assuring that they are properly protected with a PPE mask can help ensure a healthier, safer workplace.

State-of-the-Art Technology Promises Security, Safety, and Ease of Use

Companies who need to keep clients and employees safe from infectious diseases also require technology that doesn’t slow down or impede business processes.

The innovative Uniview temperature-sensing cameras provide a non-contact digital temperature measurement and face recognition that guarantees fast recognition of body temperature and PPE masks, with support for audible warning of abnormal temperature and violation of PPE protocol. These devices can even be integrated into existing security/access systems to automatically lock or unlock doors depending on the results of a scan.

With a face recognition accuracy of 99%, and a deep learning algorithm that supports continual reduction of false positives, this camera can deliver accurate results in less than a quarter of a second to keep slowdowns to a minimum.

The camera’s low-illumination wide-angle lens with an F1.6 large aperture increases the quality of images, even in low-lighting or ambient lighting situations.

The system also supports face, card, QR code, and password authentication for additional convenience and two-way audio, to allow security personnel to keep at a safe distance from those being scanned.

Various configuration options allow for a wall- or tripod-mounted camera, standalone kiosks, or a walk-through security gate. The security has the additional benefit of pinpointing metal and digital contraband through the use of several separate metal detection scanners.

Facial recognition & no-contact temperature scanning kiosk with alarm & door access control capabilities
Standalone kiosk w/ facial recognition and no-contact temp scanner

Exceptional Protection for Security and Peace of Mind

CDS Office Technologies stands on the cutting-edge of technological advances designed to assist our customers in maneuvering successfully through these rapidly changing technological, economic, and cultural shifts. By curating equipment from the leading providers of physical security and biometrics in the industry, we’ve assembled a suite of options that can ensure your business, your workspace, and your employees remain safe and productive throughout this crisis and beyond.

Our broad range of options include:

  • Facial recognition terminal with no-contact digital temperature measurement module
  • Facial recognition access control module with digital temperature measurement
  • Bi-spectral infrared body temperature fast screening instrument
  • Body temperature measurement security gate with metal detection feature

Contact the technology experts at CDS to learn more about how to protect your business using facial recognition temperature-sensing cameras.