Is Google Assistant a Good Fit for Your Company?

Discover if Google Assistant is a Good Fit for Your Company

You may know Google Assistant as the voice and intelligence behind the line of Google/Nest Home smart speakers. Or maybe you use Google Assistant on your mobile phone or computer to search for information or manage your daily tasks.

What you may not know is that businesses are using Google Assistant to streamline their operations and become more productive. Is Google Assistant a good fit for your company? Read on to find out.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant developed by Google to help users get things done. It’s available on more than one billion individual devices, including smart speakers, mobile phones, smart TVs, computers, automobiles, Internet of Things devices, and more. Google Assistant works in more than 90 different countries and understands (and speaks) more than 30 languages.

People use Google Assistant to make their lives easier. Individuals can ask questions and have it solve mathematical equations. They use it to manage their calendars, look up recipes, buy tickets, purchase items online, and set reminders, alarms, and timers. People also use Google Assistant to play music, read books and listen to the daily news and weather. Many people use Google Assistant to manage their smart home devices, including smart lights, thermostats, home security systems, and TVs.

How Do Businesses Use Google Assistant?

Google Assistant isn’t just for home users, however. Businesses use Google Assistant for business optimization, customer support, and customer acquisition.

Task Management

Employees can use Google Assistant to compile a list of tasks or to-do items, then send that list as an email at the beginning of each day. Google Assistant can also manage context-sensitive notes and reminders.

Team Coordination

Google Assistant can send a task list to all members of a team or post the list to apps used by the team, such as Evernote or Slack. Google Assistant also manages team calendars and the schedules of individual team members.


Employees can use Google Assistant to schedule calls to other employees, contacts, and businesses. Remote workers use it to make hands-free calls when in their cars. Some Google Assistant-enabled devices can also send and receive text messages, in the office or away.

Smart Office Control

Smart devices and the Internet of Things are changing how homes and offices work. Use Google Assistant to control smart lights, thermostats, and security systems to create a more energy- and time-efficient office environment.

Custom Actions

Google enables developers to create custom Actions that extend Google Assistant’s functionality. Actions are commands that, when spoken to the Assistant, trigger specific activities.

Some companies create Actions that help automate and manage routine internal transactions. For example, a custom Action might enable employees to book travel arrangements via simple voice commands. The company’s preferred travel agent can receive a command such as “Hey Google, book a flight to New York Monday morning”, along with information about the person who requested the flight.

Businesses can also use Actions to develop new conversational experiences with their customers. A custom Action might, for example, be used to let customers easily book a company’s services, make product purchases, or just seek information. Commands such as “Hey Google, schedule my lawn care,” “Hey Google, order more widgets,” or “Hey Google, how late is this business open?” help customers connect with a business without lifting a finger.

Should Your Company Use Google Assistant?

Companies of all sizes and in all industries can use Google Assistant both internally and externally. The key is how a business wants to use it.

Any company can use Google Assistant as-is to improve individual and team productivity. A company can install Google Assistant on employees’ computers or phones; a company can even install Google Home devices in meeting rooms and other common areas. Train employees on how to use Google Assistant to manage to-do lists and calendars, schedule phone calls, and send and receive text messages. Show teams how to share information and schedules via Google Assistant. Explore ways to integrate Google Assistant into existing systems and applications, including G Suite Business, Microsoft Office, and Slack.

More ambitious companies can examine ways to use Google Assistant to service existing customers and attract new ones. Encourage customer service staff to integrate Google Assistant into existing support systems. Task marketing and sales staff with developing Actions that encourage customer interaction that could lead to future sales.

Google Assistant can make your company more productive, streamline business processes, and establish stronger connections with current and future customers. The technology is here and ready for your use, the only limit is your imagination.

Let CDS Help You Take Advantage of Google Assistant for Business

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