What’s the Best Way to Use Tablets at Work?

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What’s the Best Way to Use Tablets at Work

Tablet computers in the workplace—a useful tool or unnecessary gimmick? Like all tech, effectively using tablets at work means picking the right tool for the job (and the right job for the tool). Here are some of the best ways businesses are using tablet computers in the workplace today.

How Successful Businesses are Using Tablets at Work

Tablets can be a major source of revenue and efficiency for businesses (when used correctly). The first step is choosing the right devices, and this year, Microsoft and Lenovo are dominating the leaderboards for the best tablet for work.

Regardless of model, staff members’ Windows, Android, or iPad work productivity hinges on how they use these devices in a business environment. Some of the most effective uses of business tablets include:

1. Improving Remote Access and Workflows

Portability of tablet computers has long earned these devices praise from workers on-the-go. Aside from portability, some of the most important features of tablets for staff on a business trip include longer battery life and decreased risk of security issues on public networks. This can make a big difference at a conference with low power outlet density, or for getting work done on a public coffee shop network.

2. Increasing Productivity in a Variety of Situations

Tablets also present solutions for businesses looking to increase productivity in the workplace and beyond. Often, workflows on-the-go look very different from those in the office.

While stylus-based note-taking might not be a major necessity for an employee sitting at their desk, this could be an important feature for personnel attending a conference. And while an onsite staff member may print and highlight documents at the office, a traveling worker may find it more secure (and practical) to employ a mobile annotation tool.

3. Accepting Payments with Credit and Debit Cards

For retailers, adapters and services that enable businesses to accept credit card payments with a tablet computer have been a game-changer. In fact, this year the average value per user for mobile POS payments is over $3,000. This powerful ROI is expected to grow the market for POS mobile payments nearly 30% by 2023, landing tablet computers as a critical tool for current retailers.

4. Saving Money and Improving Mobility for Remote or Traveling Staff

Not only are tablet computers mobile enough to be effective work tools while traveling, but they can represent important savings through consolidated contracts. By moving an employee data plan to a tablet, companies can save the extra contract of another mobile device through VoIP calls for staff on-the-go.

5. Enhancing Client Meetings and Sales

Enterprise apps for business tablets have made these devices very useful during client interactions. In-person meetings represent excellent opportunities to present digital portfolios and provide a more active service experience.

Collecting electronic signatures, accepting card payments, and giving presentations and demos to clients during face-to-face meetings can increase workplace efficiency, enhance the client experience, and capture more leads for a business.

How to Get the Most Out of Business Tablets

While tablet computers are effective in many business environments, companies can get the most out of these devices with proper management. For many businesses, maintaining a streamlined, efficient system in which all computers and devices work seamlessly means partnering with a Managed Network Service (MNS) provider.

Global management of a business’ network services and hardware empowers companies with:

  • Up-to-date drivers and device tools: Maintaining current tools and drivers means that users can connect, print, and work on tablets as easily and effectively as their desktop computers.
  • Security software and protection: Ensuring that business tablets are running the latest in spyware and virus protection supports security for the individual user as well as the entire business.
  • Technical support: MNS providers can support hardware across an entire business environment, including mobile devices and tablets.

MNS solutions are only as good as the vendor that provides them, and choosing the right partner for managed network services will help businesses get the most out of their business tablets, desktops, print fleet, and more.

Choosing a Vendor for Device Management Services

For businesses looking to maximize the effectiveness of business tablets, choosing an MNS provider with experience in mobile device management is crucial. Companies should seek out vendors that prioritize creating a seamless experience for a flexible or mobile workforce that may switch from tablets, to smartphones, to desktop computers.

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