Multifunction Printers: Why You Need Managed IT for Your MFPs

By May 28, 2019 March 15th, 2023 Uncategorized
Today’s multifunction printers are sophisticated computers. Learn why these devices require managed IT and discover the benefits of Managed Print Services.

Today’s multifunction color laser printers (MFPs) are more than just printers. These devices are sophisticated computers, and just like any other computer on a business network, they require IT management. Effective management and administration of MFPs are critical to support users, maintain device hardware and software, and protect the overall security of the network.

What Kinds of IT Management do MFPs Require?

Similar to a new office computer, MFPs need appropriate setup and maintenance, network protocols, and security configuration to work properly within a business environment. Here are just some of the ways that MFPs require managed IT:

1. Multifunction Devices Generate More IT Tickets

The more that a printer can do, the more that can go wrong. An MFP that scans a document straight to an employee’s email using the company active directory certainly has more room for error than a simple desktop printer. The complex functions of an MFP can (and do) add up for an IT ticketing system.

Companies and their IT departments need to be prepared to handle the volume of tickets that an MFP may generate—in fact, research by Information Week revealed that up to 60% of IT helpdesk calls for businesses are printer-related. To minimize any downtime and lost productivity for users, businesses must establish dedicated IT management for these devices to respond to issues and questions in a timely manner.

2. Complex Devices on a Business Network Require Increased Security

Security is often an overlooked aspect of printer setup, but a rise in security breaches is bringing this component of MFP management into the forefront. Today, security breaches involving office printers affect more than half of businesses.

To ease deployment and minimize frustration for new users, MFPs often ship with very open security settings, which make them very easy to exploit. It’s essential that businesses immediately establish security protocols for new MFPs. Setting up a device securely on a company network will help to prevent hackers from stealing documents and data using printers on the business network.

3. Specialized Devices Require Specialized Maintenance

MFPs demand much more specialized maintenance and service providers than older desktop printers, or even larger, dedicated commercial printers. MFPs could require the service expertise needed for a sophisticated printer, copier, phone, fax machine, storage device, and scanner, all in one.

The Benefits of Managed Print Services

There are obvious benefits to having an all-in-one office MFP. These devices deliver savings in cost, physical space, and energy consumption. However, unmanaged MFPs can also lead to catastrophe in the event of extended downtime, and their complex nature can serve as a barrier for businesses without the expertise to manage them.

For these reasons, market conditions have created a unique environment for business partnerships to flourish. Companies can now enjoy the best of both worlds by partnering with a Managed Print Service provider. Working with an MPS vendor means that businesses can take advantage of benefits like:

  • Print fleet administration and maintenance: An MPS provider can maintain a business’ entire print fleet, ensure all drivers and firmware are up-to-date, and provide ongoing IT support.
  • Resource consumption monitoring: The average employee prints as much as 10,000 pages each year. Monitoring resource consumption means taking control of print behavior, supplies, and spending.
  • Predicting and influencing user behavior: MPS providers can analyze how users work in a print environment, and help businesses guide users towards better, more efficient printer use.
  • Exclusive pricing: As licensed distributors and business partners to manufacturers, MPS providers can extend exclusive pricing to their clients on printers and print supplies.

These print solutions empower businesses to control spending and understand their print environment – and can result in savings of up to 30% on printing costs.

Why Companies Choose CDS for Managed Print and IT Services

For businesses searching for an MPS provider to support their print fleet, CDS is a popular choice. For over 40 years, CDS has specialized in both IT services and MFPs, creating a unique level of expertise in managed print services.

As an HP Premier Partner, CDS also extends exclusive pricing on HP products and office printers with some of the lowest cost per page available at that price. By teaming up with HP, and by bringing its decades of experience to the table, CDS can save clients 30% or more on annual printing costs.

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