CDS is the Premier Illinois Cybersecurity Firm Businesses Need

CDS is the Premier Illinois Cybersecurity Firm Businesses Need

Cybersecurity is a big deal these days, and if you are looking for Illinois cybersecurity support for your growing business, there’s good news. You don’t have to invest a ton into building your own Springfield cybersecurity team. By leveraging Illinois managed IT services, you can gain the benefits of a seasoned IT cybersecurity team without the expense of doing it in-house.

The Critical Need for Illinois Cybersecurity

The State of Illinois has established the Illinois Department of Innovation & Technology (DoIT) due to increasing attacks on government IT infrastructure by cybercriminals and hackers. However, these attacks aren’t just limited to government agencies. State and local businesses in Illinois are also at risk for cyberattacks from malicious actors. 

While businesses of all sizes are at risk, the outlook for Illinois small businesses experiencing cyberattacks is not good. Recent statistics indicate that as much as 60% of the small businesses that experience a cyberattack will close within 6 months. This is a shocking statistic that expresses just how critical cybersecurity is for SMBs.

What Are Illinois Managed IT Services?

In Illinois, business can get competitive. You want to leverage as many positive resources as you can to get ahead. Illinois Managed IT Services can be a huge help to growing businesses and organizations. Managed IT Services (also known as Managed Network Services or MNS) gives your company all of the benefits of having a large in-house staff without having to worry about paying for and maintaining large in-house teams.

Instead, a contracted team of certified IT specialists and technicians will take care of your technology networks in Springfield, Illinois for you. At CDS Office Technologies, we have top of the line certified technicians that are able to monitor and be there for your network – around the clock 24/7. 

Our services help to keep your Springfield IT systems up and running. Managed Network Services in Springfield also prevent cybersecurity breaches and attacks, and thus mitigate unscheduled downtime. 

Rather than being left out in the lurch if you have a catastrophic failure of your network, with Springfield Managed IT Services, you will have a team that first of all would prevent such massive problems. But secondly, we will be there to help handle any last-minute emergencies.

What Are the Benefits of Springfield Managed IT Services?

The benefits of Illinois Managed IT Services include:

  • Having monthly costs that you can predict and thus budget for.
  • Better reliability with your technology networks, including your Internet and cloud access.
  • Better Illinois cybersecurity on all levels. This includes security for your data, which is very, very important.

Also, with Springfield Managed Network Services, you get reporting on your IT systems to keep up with what’s going on with them. And ultimately, the downtime will be decreased because you will have better support for all of your computer systems. And this in turn will help your overall company productivity while saving you money.

Springfield Cybersecurity Requires a Good Team

One of the challenges of small businesses and organizations in Springfield, Illinois cybersecurity. All organizations need first class cybersecurity on their systems. 

Why? Hackers have becoming more and more sophisticated, and they don’t discriminate between small organizations and large ones. They are just as likely to attack you even if you don’t have a full staff. 

Even though you could have the best network administrator on the planet, one person might not be able to fully protect a network from all of the hackers out there. 

But if you work with Managed IT Solutions in Springfield, Illinois, specifically CDS Office Technologies, you get the benefit of an entire team behind you. And that team brings multiple areas of expertise and help to prevent the worst of the cyberattacks from getting into your systems.

Get Started With Illinois Cybersecurity via Springfield Managed IT Services

If you need help with securing your business networks in Springfield, cybersecurity improvements can be made easily via our Illinois managed IT services. CDS Office Technologies is a leading provider of Illinois cybersecurity support through our proactive IT network management that includes network assessment, virus protection, real-time network monitoring, remote technical support, and immediate problem diagnosis and resolution. 

CDS Office Technologies is a leading provider of world-class Managed IT services for businesses in and around Springfield, Illinois. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.