Network Assessment in Quincy, Illinois

Network Assessment in Quincy, Illinois

Quincy, Illinois, the “Gem City,” is known for its fascinating architecture, such as that found in the South Side German Historic District. This quaint city along the Mississippi River is a great place to start a family as well as run a small business. 

But just because Quincy might be a bit sleepier than bigger cities in Illinois such as Springfield or Chicago, businesses still need to keep up their game in Quincy.

Hackers don’t really care if the city you are in (like Quincy) is cute or more laid back. They will attack your business, your school, your doctor’s office, or your nonprofit organization just as readily in Quincy, Illinois as in Chicago.

Furthermore, all Quincy businesses and organizations still need to keep up with new technology. And it’s often much more challenging for a smaller business, organization, or association to take care of all of their IT needs internally.

A Quincy Managed IT Solutions provider can help improve your network security and reliability with a full, 360-degree network assessment.

What Is a Network Assessment in Quincy, Illinois?

A network assessment is a comprehensive technology audit of your IT network and systems. The purpose of a network assessment in Quincy, Illinois is to review the health of the network and make sure that no major vulnerabilities exist. A good network assessment will also be able to identify where the IT systems may be lacking in functionality or efficiency.

Some areas that might be reviewed in a Quincy, Illinois network assessment include:

  • Asset inventories to determine what computers and peripherals are attached to the network, along with what type of software and operating systems are installed.
  • Risk assessments and vulnerability scans to see where the network might be open to cyberintruders. 
  • User access review to see what roles are instituted (if any), and who has access to what in your Quincy business’s internal network.

Why Do Quincy Businesses Need a Network Assessment?

Quincy businesses and organizations can typically benefit from a network assessment from a qualified Illinois Managed IT Solutions provider. A Managed IT solutions provider, such as CDS Office Technologies, is a third-party vendor that has an entire team of certified technicians ready and available at your disposal in Quincy, Illinois.

Many Quincy businesses and organizations, especially smaller businesses, are understaffed when it comes to their tech team because technology is rapidly changing and evolving. Cyber threats are becoming increasingly problematic, and internal IT staff often can’t keep up.

A third-party Managed IT party provider can help your Quincy organization by delivering an objective analysis of what is really going on with your IT systems and networks. This detailed network assessment can be crucial for your Quincy business, nonprofit, or school to get an accurate idea of the state of your IT systems.

Not Just a Network Assessment in Quincy, But an IT Strategy

A really top-notch network assessment in Quincy will not just outline what the IT problems are, but offer tangible, realistic solutions. IT strategies might include upgrades to computers, operating systems, or peripheral devices like printers or even tablets.

Cybersecurity has to be a top priority, so any security holes in your Quincy network should be plugged as soon as possible. Plans should be put in place to migrate to better software solutions and upgrade hardware as needed.

This entire process of network assessment in Quincy might seem a little bit overwhelming. However, when you are working with an experienced Managed IT Solutions provider such as CDS Office Technologies, you don’t have to do most of this work, we do.

The good news is that network assessment in Quincy is very cost-effective and worthwhile. Your network will be more secure, your IT systems will be more efficient, and your staff will be free to focus more on what’s important as opposed to putting out tech fires that are way over their heads.

Looking for a Managed IT Provider for Network Assessment in Quincy, Illinois?

Could your Quincy business or organization benefit from a network assessment? Most likely. CDS Office Technologies is a premiere Managed IT Solutions provider. We can help review your current network and systems to find any vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Our team of certified IT specialists can help develop a comprehensive network enhancement plan that will improve your uptime, security, and productivity. And, through our ongoing support via Managed IT, we will help keep your systems up and running efficiently and smoothly so your staff can work on your core business.

CDS Office Technologies is a leading provider of Managed IT Solutions based in Illinois. We serve small businesses, large businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies in Quincy, Illinois. For more information on Managed IT Services, please contact us today for a consultation.