Does Your Managed Network Services Include Patch Management?

Do Your Managed Network Services Include Patch Management?

Managed network services are a popular strategy for many businesses. Offering advantages such as expert guidance, access to powerful security measures and 24/7 monitoring, they help bring a company’s IT and network infrastructure rapidly up to speed. SMBs especially benefit from access to such technologies, and they represent a valuable investment for a growing company.

However, not all managed network services are created equal. As the world becomes more highly digitized, even managed service providers can struggle to keep pace with the rate of innovation—by companies and by criminals.

A good managed network services provider helps businesses stay ahead of threats by keeping its clients’ security measures up to date. One critical aspect of this is system patching. Read on to discover what patch management is, and why it should be included in any managed network service package offered.

The Purpose of Patches

A patch is simply an update which repairs a bug or vulnerability in software after that software has been made available to consumers. Although all reputable software creators put their product through rigorous testing before release, it’s impossible to catch everything. Patching exists to fix problems as they’re discovered.

Additionally, sometimes patching is necessary to help software remain compatible with new technology. It’s much more cost-effective to release a patch to address incompatibilities than it is to create a whole new piece of software from scratch!

The other significant aspect of patching security. There’s no such thing as a piece of software—whether it’s a program or an operating system—which remains impenetrable forever. The value of data makes hackers tenacious. They’ll eventually find a way inside. In this instance, patching represents a software company’s continued scrutiny of its product and a commitment to maintaining security.

Patch Management

Patch management is the way a company tracks and applies software patches or upgrades. Like inventory management, patch management helps a company stay on top of what parts of its digital environment are up to date, and what parts need updating.

Since patches often relate to security, patch management is one strategy which many companies undertake as a way to ensure their software and infrastructure remains secure.

Manage Patching with SolarWinds® N-central®

SolarWinds® is an industry-leading IT management solutions provider with whom CDS is thrilled to partner. Its products range from remote monitoring and IT management (RMM) to password management and mail protection. Its RMM platform, N-central®, represents one of the most powerful tools on the market for network management.

SolarWinds® N-central® allows IT professionals to manage the complex networks which businesses often require from one convenient, centralized platform. Among its many features include:

  • Network performance analysis. Leverage SolarWinds’® latest feature, NetPath, to monitor the network 2/47, maintain visibility, and understand traffic patterns.
  • Multiple OS and device compatibility. N-central® works with Windows, Mac, Linux, VMware, and many network devices.
  • Powerful automation capabilities. The platform helps professionals save time by automating MSP-related tasks.
  • Patch management. With N-central®, it’s easier than ever to stay up to date on software versions.
  • Integrated antivirus software. Detect, clean, and analyze malware or viruses in one place.
  • Backup management. Neutralize the threat of ransomware attacks by ensuring all sensitive data with sophisticated backup and disaster recovery.
  • Cloud and on-premise options. Enjoy cloud or on-premise deployment options according to the needs and preferences of the organization.

RMM software such as SolarWinds® N-central® allows a managed network service provider to keep a closer eye on a company’s network effortlessly. CDS leverages this software to provide state-of-the-art IT monitoring, security, and patch management for its customers.

Enjoy Secure Managed Network Services With CDS

Patching is a critical part of network security and something which every managed network services provider should include. With patch management, a company can more easily and efficiently stay aware of whether its software and infrastructure is up to date. Choosing a managed network services provider, such as CDS, which provides patch management services is a wise step to ensuring that a company’s network and security strategy remains as effective as possible.

CDS excels in helping companies and government agencies develop bespoke security solutions for their offices. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can help your business remain productive, efficient, and secure.