Business Computers: Why the HP ProDesk is the Computer for the Daily Office Grind

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Business Computers Why the HP ProDesk Is the Computer for the Daily Office Grind

Choosing business computers is never easy. Not only do employees have different work styles and preferences, but it can be difficult to find something which is both enjoyable and practical. However, computers represent a vital part of business operation. Every company will have to undertake the search and selection process at some point.

Business computers run the gamut of space-saving workhorses to large, sleek machines with physical designs that make a statement about the work environment. The HP ProDesk Business Desktop line blends the best of both worlds. Here’s why it’s a great computer for the daily office grind and how every company can make the most out of this device.

Choosing the Tools to Succeed

Desktops for business are not like personal computers. Whereas powerful personal desktops are certainly capable machines, business desktops often have features which they lack. For example, computers marketed as and sold for business purposes often include professional or enterprise editions of an operating system (such as Windows 10 Pro). Pro-level operating systems enable features and functionality that Home editions don’t, such as join a domain or use RDP. Additionally, business computers may have slight hardware variations from their counterparts meant for personal use. These differences are intended to help an employee be more efficient and the machine to be more stable and reliable..

How to Find the Ideal Business Computer

Business computers are tools designed to help employees do their jobs quicker and more easily. Before embarking on the search, take the following steps:

  1. Identify critical software. Most companies will need a word processing suite, such as Microsoft Office. However, many companies will also need other more specialized software according to their type of business.
  2. Determine hardware needs based on critical software. Business computers run the gamut in terms of power. However, it’s not uncommon to find business computers with less CPU power because many business software applications are not processor-intensive. Keep this in mind if the business requires software which may need a higher CPU, greater internal storage, or more RAM.
  3. Choose between desktop or laptop. Traditionally, desktops are more powerful and more modular than laptops, but those gaps are shrinking as technology advances. Many laptops from 2018 and 2019 are as powerful as mid-range desktops but they also provide the benefit of mobility.
  4. Consider where it will be housed and used. In small offices where space is a premium, mini- and micro-towers—desktop devices with a much smaller footprint than traditional desktops—might be more appropriate.

Why the HP ProDesk Is the Perfect Daily Office Computer

The HP ProDesk Business Desktop line consists of eight different options for businesses large and small. They combine computing power, the best business features, and the reliability upon which HP built its reputation into an array of devices to meet varying needs. Ranging from mini devices and microtowers for compact spaces to large, all-in-one packages, they’re packed with all the features a company needs to succeed.

Features include:

Windows 10 Pro

The entire line comes with Windows 10 Pro, the professional/business-grade version of the current operating system by Microsoft. Enjoy advanced security features such as more sophisticated access controls and group policies, plus BitLocker encryption.

If Windows isn’t the preferred operating system for the company, fear not. HP offers the ability to install a different operating system on request. Alternatively, Windows 10 Pro allows for the creation of virtual machines that will ostensibly allow for running a second OS within the Windows environment. So if the primary OS of choice is Windows but a certain application requires Linux, virtualization may be the solution.

Powerful Hardware

Each device comes with powerful, late-gen processors, dedicated graphics cards, more RAM than the average laptop and several options for hard disk drive and solid state drive space. From databases to design software, the ProDesk line can handle any application with ease.

High Connectivity

The modern office represents a beehive of connectivity and the ProDesk line blends seamlessly into it. With increased USB capabilities and solid network and WiFi hardware, any of these computers will stay connected when it matters most.

Comprehensive Security Features

Windows 10 Pro provides enhanced security features, and HP has loaded the ProDesk series with proprietary security. One such feature is BIOSphere, a hardened security feature that automates the protection of BIOS to add yet another layer of data security. Additionally, HP Client Security strengthens access control with multi-factor authentication.

Enjoy Next-Generation Productivity with the Right Business Computers

Choosing the best desktop for a work environment can be time-consuming and stressful. The array of options available in the ProDesk line makes it a powerful and versatile offering from HP. As a premier partner with HP, not only can CDS assist companies with selecting the perfect business-grade ProDesk machine but do so at a price point which beats many other hardware providers.

It’s rare to come across such a solid contender for the best desktop for work. The HP ProDesk line provides everything a company needs and more.

CDS is proud to be a Premier-level Partner with HP and thrilled to carry some of the most reliable, effective business computers and other devices on the market. Contact us today to get started identifying your ideal desktop for work.