How Managed Technology Services Can Boost SMB Productivity

By July 6, 2020 March 15th, 2023 Cybersecurity, Managed Services
How Managed Technology Services Can Boost SMB Productivity

Businesses of all types and sizes face the continuing challenge of managing and securing their network, communications, and data—all within tight budget constraints. The manpower and money that an SMB devotes to managing technology can take valuable attention and resources away from the organization’s core business.

Let CDS worry about your tech so you can worry about your actual business.

For this reason, an increasing number of SMBs are outsourcing IT duties to qualified third parties called managed services providers (MSPs). MSPs offer a variety of tech support and services, including data storage and management, server management, network management, cybersecurity, email management, and telephony/communication services. MSPs offer management, maintenance, and support of the company’s IT infrastructure. In other words, let CDS worry about your tech so you can worry about your actual business.

Almost six in ten companies have already switched to managed services over the older break-fix model, where issues are only addressed when something breaks. Discover how an managed technology services (or MTS) partnership with CDS can improve your company’s productivity—and let you focus on your key business issues.

Improving Data Security

With the rise in ransomware, data breaches, and other malicious attacks, cybersecurity is a prime concern for all SMBs. Unfortunately, many smaller enterprises cannot afford the staff necessary to protect against all types of cyberattacks.

For these businesses, outsourcing cybersecurity to an MSP is a much more effective solution. An IT services team should be experienced in mitigating all manner of cyber risks and better positioned to protect a company’s network, data, and employees from cyber threats. Cybersecurity professionals constantly monitor the company’s systems to not only reduce the risk to valuable assets but also, in the event of a data breach, help the company get back up and running with minimal downtime and data loss.

By outsourcing IT, your company gets peace of mind knowing that your data is safe.

Proactively Addressing Technology Issues

Managed services agreements help SMBs address not just cybersecurity but also a full range of technology issues. In the old break-fix model, technology issues were addressed only when something broke. With managed services, however, the goal is preventative maintenance to avoid costly last-minute fixes.

While MSPs continue to deal with problems as they arise, the goal is to proactively ward off potential problems. An MSP constantly monitors a company’s systems and processes to ensure that they are up-to-date and using the latest patches and technology.

The result is better-running systems and fewer last-minute fixes. That means a smoother-running business with fewer glitches and issues.

Increasing Uptime

SMBs cannot afford for systems to be down. When systems are down customers can’t order products, employees can’t do their jobs, and everything comes to a standstill.

The older break-fix model resulted in unacceptable levels of downtime, as issues were not addressed until the system went down. Our MTS model … keeps systems—and businesses—up and running 24/7.

It’s not surprising that a survey from Information Technology Intelligence Consulting revealed that a single hour of downtime costs the average company  at least $100,000. For some businesses, that’s the difference between making a profit and closing the doors.

The older break-fix model resulted in unacceptable levels of downtime, as issues were not addressed until the system went down. Our MTS model, however, deals with issues before they become critical and provides essential backup and redundancy. That keeps systems—and businesses—up and running 24/7.

Boosting Efficiency

How much time do your employees spend dealing with unnecessary IT issues? According to Nexthink, the average employee loses 28 minutes every time they have an IT-related issue. Given that employees experience an average of two IT issues each week, that adds up to more than 50 wasted hours each year. That’s over a week of productivity lost due to IT-related issues.

Time is money. According to MarketsandMarkets, the average company can increase efficiency by more than 50% by using managed IT services. By outsourcing IT, SMBs can avoid pop-up tech issues and increase the efficiency and productivity of a company’s non-tech employees. Instead of wasting time fiddling with technical issues, employees get to stay focused on the company’s core business—which makes their time more efficient.

Improving Budget

It’s impossible to accurately budget IT needs under the break-fix model. No company knows exactly when something will break down or how much it will cost to fix it. With the low, fixed monthly fees associated with MTS, tech-related costs are more predictable and more easily budgeted, which management will appreciate.

Good IT people are expensive. Let your MSP hire and train expensive tech staff so you can direct more of your company’s budget to employees focused on your core business.

Let CDS Help You Manage Your Company’s Technology Services

CDS Office Technologies has been providing solutions for the office environment for over forty years. Our team of technology experts utilizes our comprehensive IT management system to manage the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks necessary to keep all of your systems running smoothly. We maintain your systems to stop problems before they occur—and keep your data and systems secure from attack. Our MTS frees your employees to do those things they do best, all at a predictable low monthly cost. Contact CDS Office Technologies today to discover how outsourcing IT can benefit your business!