The Latest HP Security Innovations That Businesses Need to Know About

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Security has always been a hot topic in the tech world. The importance of security has only grown over the years as hackers get cleverer and users become more aware of the risks posed by hackers. Cybersecurity is an ongoing battle and anything that helps in the fight against the nearly 1 million new malware attacks released every day is something to take notice of.

HP has become one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to device and network security. Many manufacturers talk the talk when it comes to security, but HP is one of the few that is walking the walk and leading the industry.

This article will look at some of the latest HP security innovations including HP printer security and HP firmware improvements that can help protect businesses and individual users from cybersecurity threats.

Better HP Printer Security Using Better Management Techniques

When one thinks about cybersecurity threats within a business, they often think about computers, email accounts, and maybe even smartphones. Very few people see their printers as a potential security risk. However, just like any other connected device, printers are accessible by hackers and a lot of sensitive information may pass through them during a typical workday.

HP has integrated common network management solutions in their printer offerings to make management simple and easy. This means that printer management can be treated much like PC device management using either Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or McAfee Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

What does this mean for the typical user? Not a whole lot, to be honest. Users won’t notice any difference at all in the operation of the printer. However, those that used managed IT services or have in-house IT staff will appreciate that their printer fleet integrates with these standard management solutions that are already in place for other devices. There are no new complications and no proprietary software that needs to be added to an already full plate for IT managers.

HP FutureSmart 4 Has Arrived

What’s better than new security features? How about new convenience features as well?! It’s no shock to anyone in the industry, security isn’t always the hottest topics despite its importance. Luckily, HP packed in some very nice convenience features with the newest HP firmware, HP FutureSmart 4.

HP FutureSmart 4 can be installed on printers with FutureSmart firmware dating as far back as 2012. This means that old device may feel new again. Best of all, this HP firmware comes packed with loads of new features and protections. The new firmware allows printers to run analytics without the need for a central server which improves security by eliminating a potential point of weakness. Fax over IP is also supported for those who were holding onto their fax line for the rare occasion they need to send a fax.

Support for cloud apps is also baked right into HP FutureSmart 4. This means that no workarounds are required when sending documents to the cloud or printing directly from the cloud. As a result, the process is much more secure and convenient.

Work Smarter with HP Business Intelligence Services

Rolling out a fleet of HP printers does not mean the work is done. Ensuring that the fleet is operating efficiently and effectively is an ongoing job. This is where HP Business Intelligence Services come into play. Using advanced analytics, HP Business Intelligence Services monitors printer usage, usage of color, and print volume on an ongoing basis.

The reason for all of this monitoring is to help organizations maximize efficiency. Based on the results, HP may recommend ways to balance device deployment or optimize printing jobs. Ultimately, this can help reduce waste, redundancy, and costs for organizations.

With many of the features introduced with HP FutureSmart 4 as well as the efficiency improvements suggested by HP Business Intelligence Services, printer fleets can feel as flexible as the modern workforce they support. Businesses can enjoy smarter, more efficient solutions without interrupting user workflow.

What Does This Mean for An Organization?

The best news of all is, for organizations that have eligible equipment, many of these HP printer security and convenience features can be added with a simple HP firmware update. For those who are in the market for new devices, HP has clearly set their printer lineup as one of the premier choices when it comes to combining security, efficiency, and modern features.

If you would like to learn more about HP devices, the new HP FutureSmart 4 firmware, or how to manage your printer fleet, contact CDS Office Technologies today.