What Can Sharp Aquos Interactive Displays Do for a Campus or Classroom?

By December 21, 2018 March 15th, 2023 Uncategorized

Students are living in a digital world and, these days, an ordinary sign or blackboard won’t cut it for educators who are looking to increase engagement in the classroom. The word “engagement” is the important part of that last sentence. There is a difference between engaging a student and simply displaying information to them. This is the major strength of Sharp Aquos interactive displays.

Of course, with a wide range of Sharp Aquos models and uses for these vivid displays, it can be difficult to imagine the many uses for these displays beyond the obvious which is displaying content. This article will discuss the unique uses for Sharp Aquos interactive displays in the classroom and on campus.

Help Students Learn in a Way They Understand

The ultimate goal of any education plan is to help students take in new knowledge and retain that knowledge. Of course, teaching and lesson planning are much more complicated than that but that is the most basic description of education if one were to boil things down. Sharp Aquos interactive displays for classrooms allow students to learn in ways they’re already familiar with.

In this digital world, there aren’t many who have not used a touchscreen display before they even reach school age. There have also been several studies that suggest this method of learning is very effective for students. Sharp Aquos interactive displays are for more than just displaying content.

Educators and students can interact with the display to learn in ways that were simply not possible before. For those that have ever heard about learning by doing then this is a great example of bringing that concept into the classroom while also retaining some of the classic features of a typical whiteboard or blackboard.

Navigate a New Space Intuitively

Readers that have attended college or university know what it is like stepping onto campus for that first time. Students are equal parts excited and overwhelmed. Where is the library? Where is lecture hall Z999? How big is this place?

Sure, paper maps are helpful – for those who have a sense of where they are and where they need to go. Instead, using Sharp Aquos interactive displays on a campus to help students navigate is helpful in overcoming those first-day-on-campus woes.

The best part about these displays is that they can be used for a variety of tasks beyond simply finding where a classroom is. The interactive nature of the Sharp Aquos models allows students and faculty to access a wide range of information including upcoming events, important announcements, and more. Effectively, by using Sharp Aquos interactive displays, schools can reduce the need for multiple signs and information areas.

Have Virtual Assemblies and Announcements

The school assembly can be one of the most exciting times for students and one of the most stressful times for staff. Herding students into a gymnasium, keeping them attentive and quiet, then returning them to class is an art form, to say the least.

Sharp Aquos interactive displays for classrooms give staff members much more flexibility when communicating. Of course, the gymnasium assembly will always be a fixture within a school schedule but there may be times where gathering the entire school at once is unnecessary. Perhaps a video assembly would be preferable.

These displays also open up a variety of communication options for students and teachers. Virtual tours of sites instead of in-person field trips can reduce costs and the need for collecting permission slips. Video conferences with classrooms from around the world can bring pen pals closer than ever. The possibilities are truly endless with Sharp Aquos interactive displays, and with the imagination of children at work, these displays will certainly be used to their fullest potential.

Take a Classroom or Campus to the Next Level

With a range of Sharp Aquos models available, there is something for every size of campus and classroom. Whether it is immersing students in their lesson or simply taking the old basic sign display and kicking it up a notch, Sharp Aquos interactive displays can be the perfect solution.

If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of these displays as well as the various Sharp Aquos models available, please contact CDS Office Technologies today.