Leveraging the Power of Cloud Technology for Your Remote Workforce

By June 21, 2021 March 15th, 2023 Cloud Computing
Leveraging the Power of Cloud Technology for Your Remote Workforce

Future-proofing your business is not just about where work gets done, but how quickly your business can adapt to changes in the economy, in consumer demands, and in technology and how it is used. As remote or hybrid workplaces continue to supplant the traditional business environment, more organizations are adapting. To stay ahead of trends, companies are replacing face-to-face discussions with online or mobile messaging, securing data through software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, and leveraging the power of cloud technology to archive, secure, distribute, and share data.

That last solution — migrating to the cloud — is a smart way to keep employees connected, provide them with resources they need to be productive, and protect them — and your data — as they work. In fact, cloud solutions are so effective that they have replaced in-person strategies across virtually every industry.

The Benefits of Cloud Technology for the Evolving Workforce

With nearly three-quarters of CFOs looking to move a percentage of their employees into a permanent remote work position, businesses are finding that cloud computing is giving them the extra edge they need to work effectively and efficiently — no matter where their workforce is geographically located.

Still not convinced cloud tech is right for you? Here are some important benefits that cloud computing brings to the remote or hybrid workforce:

1. Faster, Easier Scalability

The more workers you hire, whether they are in-office or remote, the more access you must provide to your data resources. If you scale in-house, you must outlay capital and give up valuable square footage to install additional infrastructure. With cloud services, servers and other infrastructure is maintained at an off-premises location by service providers — you only pay for what you access.

2. Improved Data Accessibility and Security

Remote workers need access to a variety of data to keep productivity high. Cloud computing can bring instant, seamless access to this data regardless of geographic location and regardless of time zone to keep workflows in motion.

Additionally, cloud administrators can set authorizations and permissions for specific data or grant — and retract — authorization on a need-to-know basis to keep data safer. Plus, cloud servers and other hardware are constantly updated with the latest security patches and upgrades to keep your data protected with leading-edge security protocols.

3. Improved Collaboration

Collaboration is key for keeping remote teams effective and productive. Using cloud computing, remote workers can access documents through a cloud storage system and work on them simultaneously for fast, efficient editing. Cloud collaboration tools make data and common business applications to employees no matter where they are located so far-flung teams can still work together to get projects completed on time.

4. Offline Mobility

Seamless mobility is simple with the cloud. Employees can access any file they need wherever they are as long as they have internet access. Many times, however, remote employees may be faced with a power outage or internet connectivity issue that can hamper their ability to get work done. To prepare for an outage using cloud technology, workers can simply download needed files from the cloud onto their laptop or desktop computer in advance. This is preferable to using a portable device or storage media to port files from one place to another since those devices can be corrupted with malware or even lost or stolen, putting your data at risk.

CDS Has the Right Cloud Solutions for Your Organization

Cloud technology offers today’s businesses a smart way to allow some — or all — of your staff to work from home as you move toward a more flexible work culture. Since most cloud solutions are designed with security at the forefront, a cloud solution offers not only access to shared resources for enhanced productivity, but unparalleled security to minimize threats and data loss.

At CDS, we offer leading-edge cloud solutions that will help you manage data, grant access to organizational applications, streamline and scale storage needs, and keep your infrastructure and data secure. Whether they are working in-house, at home, or on the go, our cloud solutions will help your employees stay connected to one another — and to the data they need to stay productive.

Take your business into the future by creating a secure, flexible work environment. Contact a CDS representative today to gain all the advantages a cloud solution has to offer.