Can’t Recruit Good IT Help? Do This Instead

By May 16, 2022 March 15th, 2023 Cybersecurity, Managed Services
Can’t Recruit Good IT Help? Consider Managed IT Instead

Here’s the bad news. It is getting more difficult to recruit good IT help, and this difficulty is negatively impacting companies. Fortunately, partnering with a managed services provider with Managed IT can solve the problem.

The Shortage of Good IT Professionals

Qualified IT professionals are in high demand. And part of the problem is that it is just a difficult job market for companies – IT workers now have the upper edge when looking for tech jobs. The time it can take to fill a technology position can be a minimum of one month or more. The best technology candidates who have wanted skills can quickly get an IT job in a few weeks. So hiring managers have to act fast to attract and recruit the best IT candidates.

The increase in demand for technology workers is also putting a squeeze on the ability of organizations to retain qualified talent. Specific tech roles that require specialized knowledge are often harder to fill, including cybersecurity as well as network administration. With cloud computing becoming more and more important, IT techs with cloud knowledge are also in high demand.

What’s the Impact of an Incomplete IT Team?

It might be tempting to try to stretch your IT team thin if you can’t hire on the full support you need.  However, consider the following negative impacts:

Increased Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks.

Without a strong team, your entire organization will be vulnerable to hacking cyberattacks, ransomware. Even if you have the best onsite System Administrator, often, just one person cannot do everything that needs to be done when it comes to managing IT networks and also maintaining cybersecurity. The cost of not being proactive about cybersecurity could be the entire loss of your business. Many small businesses actually shut down after a major cyberattack, so it is really important to make sure that this is handled cohesively and consistently.

More Network Downtime.

Without a strong IT team, your organization will be more prone to having downtime and interruptions. Furthermore, it might take a small in-house team, especially one that is strapped for time, to take a lot longer to fix these problems. (We will talk a little bit later about how Managed Technology Services can help with this.)

Reduced productivity.

Of course, unexpected cyberattacks and network downtime can cause big problems with productivity. But also, just having computer systems and networks that aren’t completely tuned up and kept upgraded can also be problematic. If software is out of date, or if it’s not talking with other computers, then this will waste the time of your workers. Without a strong technology team on your side, it will be hard to keep up with all of the software needs of your staff.

Saving money – perhaps.

Finally, while you may think you are saving money by having a lean IT team that is understaffed, you may be actually losing money due to the problems of a poorly managed network. However, there is a middle ground between just throwing your hands up in the air when it comes to IT support and overspending on expensive in-house resources. Managed IT can help with this by providing the benefits of a full IT team without your organization having to pay for an in-house team.

What Is Managed IT and How Can It Help?

Managed IT solutions can bridge the gap when your organization needs technology support. Managed Technology Services (MTS) is a service where certified technicians take care of many of the common and recurring IT operations of your organization to ensure consistent uptime, robust security and scalability. As CDs office technologies, we have certified technicians that provide remote support services as well as on site repair to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix pesky technical problems that might have otherwise plagued your company.

Does Your Illinois Organization Need IT Help?

If your Illinois business or organization is short on quality IT help, CDS Office Technologies can help. Our certified technicians will keep your technology systems up and running with the best in IT support and security. Managed Technology Services from CDS Office Technologies will help your organization with predictable IT costs, better reliability, detailed reporting, and less downtime. Get the benefits of a seasoned IT team without having to hire one directly.

CDS Office Technologies is a leading provider of Managed Technology Services for small businesses, large businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies in and around Springfield, IL. If you need more IT support for your organization, please contact us for a consultation.