Business Communications in Springfield, Illinois

Business Communications in Springfield, Illinois

Need better business communications in Springfield, Illinois? With the addition of some simple yet powerful cloud based technologies, your Springfield business can take a huge step forward in productivity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction.

How to Improve Business Communications in Springfield, Illinois

Business communications in Springfield, Illinois can be dramatically improved with modern technologies that enable collaboration, integrate with existing software, and enable multiple modes of communication. The right technologies can ease communications and make it easier for teams to engage with one another and customers to get their voices heard.

At the most basic level, we recommend two now common technologies that can really make a difference for your Springfield business: VoIP (aka cloud hosted phone systems) and video conferencing solutions. Via our partnership with 3CX, CDS Office Technologies offers an integrated solution to Springfield businesses that provides both of these essential communications formats in a cohesive way.

VoIP Business Communications in Springfield, Illinois

VoIP can really supercharge your business communications in Springfield, Illinois. VoIP, which stands for Voice over IP protocol, is a way to send telephone calls over the Internet. With VoIP and a cloud-based PBX phone solution, your Springfield business can easily install new phone lines without having to worry about landline installations. Your Springfield company or organization can quickly spin up new phone numbers on the fly without having to deal with physical phone lines.

The Benefits Cloud Hosted Phone Systems for Springfield, Illinois Businesses

Cloud-hosted VoIP phone systems – in essence, virtual PBX solutions – are helpful for Springfield-area businesses in the following ways:

  • Integrated video conferencing
  • Call queuing
  • CRM integration
  • Chat and messaging
  • Phone numbers with out-of-state area codes

Enabling Remote and Hybrid Work for Springfield, Illinois Businesses

We know that Springfield, Illinois is a great place to live and work, however sometimes you might need to hire a team member that’s from outside of Springfield or even Illinois. A VoIP cloud hosted form solution will enable you to have remote team members who are across the globe but still have a phone number that is connected to your business phone system.

Hybrid work is also becoming more popular with Springfield, Illinois employees. Hybrid work is a setup whereby your employees will work from home part of the time, and come into the office the other part of the time. This means that your employees will have more flexibility with their schedules and don’t have to deal with commuting daily. There are many benefits of this hybrid work solution for not just your Springfield employees, but also for the environment. Reducing commutes is a good way to reduce air pollution and take stress off of the traffic grid.

A VoIP business phone solution for your Springfield IL business will make remote and hybrid work easy to implement. (We also recommend consulting with us on a document management solution to also handle the collaboration of your files and important documents.)

Business Communications in Springfield, Illinois Made Easy With Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is now an essential for almost all modern businesses. However, many popular video conferencing solutions are actually not so great for business. The right video conferencing solution for your Springfield, Illinois business as one that is not only reliable and feature filled, but one that can integrate with the rest of your communications. 

Consider video conferencing as just one spoke of your Springfield business communications wheel. On a basic level, your Springfield business should have voice (i.e., telephone communications), asynchronous chat and email options, and video conferencing. The best video conferencing solution will integrate with the other types of communication such as chat and telephone. 

Now here’s the secret – our cloud hosted VoIP business phone system also includes integrated video conferencing!

Ready to Benefit From Better Business Communications in Springfield, Illinois?

Business communications in Springfield, Illinois can be improved with the help of CDS Office Technologies. We offer integrated VoIP business phone systems that include powerful video conferencing and collaboration features. Our hosted phone systems can integrate with many of your existing applications, such as CRM software, Office 365, and more. Our certified experts will come to your Springfield, Illinois office to set up and integrate your powerful new cloud based communication system. If you are interested in getting started, contact us for a complimentary consultation for your Springfield business, school, nonprofit organization, or agency.

CDS Office Technologies can improve your business communications with a cloud hosted phone system and video conferencing in Springfield, Illinois. Contact us today to get started.