How the 3CX Cloud-Hosted Phone Service Can Benefit Your Company

By January 4, 2021 March 15th, 2023 News & Updates
How Cloud Hosted 3CX Phone Service Can Benefit Your Company

Despite the proliferation of text messaging and chatbots, customers still want to talk to businesses by telephone – and now video. And with the dramatic increase in remote work post-Covid, having strong communications systems in place for your team is even more critical. Fortunately, a robust cloud-hosted phone service is available from 3CX that provides all the benefits of a traditional PBX phone system with all the latest communications technologies, to provide a full-featured communications suite that can transform the way you do business.

7 Great Benefits of the 3CX Cloud-Hosted Phone Service

A cloud-hosted phone service is a full-featured communications system that is hosted in the cloud instead of a local network. Here are just some of the benefits of the 3CX cloud-hosted phone service:

1. Voicemail to Email

When people leave voicemails, it can take time to listen to each message. Voicemail to email provides the benefit of having voice messages sent to email, where they can be listened to, filtered, and filed. But 3CX now has an even better feature: voicemail transcription to email, using Google Speech to transcribe every voice message so you can quickly scan the contents directly from your email.

2. Works Even Through Outages

Power outages, natural disasters, and damaged telecommunications lines locally can impede communication. With a cloud-hosted phone service, your business can make and receive calls through your business phone number(s) even if your ISP is down and the power is out, as long as you have access to a 4G connection and are using the robust mobile app.

The 3CX cloud-hosted phone service we utilize offers security and redundancy, with data centers in multiple locations to reduce risk exposure.

3. Mobile, Desktop, and Web-Based Access

While 3CX phone solutions can be installed and run entirely on a local network, we recommend cloud implementation for a variety of reasons. One of the best reasons to use 3CX’s cloud-hosted phone service is the mobile access. Apps are available for both Android and Apple smartphones. There is also a website portal and a desktop application. The system works great over both WiFi and mobile Internet technologies.

The mobile app is also available to on-premises 3CX solutions, and while it’s major asset regardless of the deployment environment, cloud-hosted users get the most out of the mobile app. On-prem solutions require power, network, and Internet connections to work—with a cloud-hosted 3CX solution, the app will continue to work so long as the connected device is connected to the Internet, either over WiFi or mobile network.

4. Support for Remote Workers

More and more people are working from home, which is perhaps one of the few positive outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic. While people like working from home generally, keeping them connected can be challenging. A cloud-hosted phone service enables your employees to have access to a business phone number that they can use from home or wherever they happen to be. Users can be equipped with desk phones, or make use of mobile and web apps.

Many 3CX compatible phones—such as the flagship Yealink VP59—come with on-board video capabilities, while others can be equipped with cameras.

5. App-Free Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is so important now, but downloading disparate apps just to access a video call can be frustrating. The 3CX cloud-hosted phone service offers an easy app-free video conferencing solution that can keep your team connected or enable presentations to customers. (However, there are smartphone apps if you want to use them.) With unlimited users and powerful features, this video conferencing feature can save money on purchasing additional video conferencing software.

6. Chat System

3CX also offers a chat system that can be fully integrated into your website as well as your phone system. Customers can start a conversation via chat and have it immediately transitioned to a phone call with your representative if needed.

7. Cost Savings

Finally, the 3CX cloud-hosted phone service can save your business a lot of money that would have previously been spent on a phone system – an estimated 80 percent in savings on your phone bill.

Need Help Getting Set Up With a 3CX Cloud-Hosted Phone Service?

CDS Office Technologies provides expert consultation, design, installation, and management of 3CX cloud-hosted phone systems. Whether your business or organization is large or small, we can help you strategize and then implement a custom communications solution that meets your needs. From one to hundreds of telephones, we can make a system that scales with you. Along those lines, costs are quite flexible, and you don’t have to pay a bundle for what you don’t need. We also offer flexible payment options, including our Tech Utilization Agreement, which allows you to avoid big up-front costs by rolling your new system into one low monthly payment.

In short, we can establish a powerful and reliable system that will become the backbone of your business communications for years to come.

As technology experts, CDS Office Technologies is a leading provider of cloud-hosted phone services for business and organizations of all sizes across Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri. Contact us today for a consultation!