Working from Home: Secure, Efficient & Effective Telecommuting

Woman working from home on laptop sipping coffee by a window

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It doesn’t take a world-wide crisis to see the benefits of providing employees with flexible options for executing their responsibilities. Right now, businesses around the world are scrambling a bit to accomplish this functionality in the 11th hour, however, those that have long adopted a modular approach to work are continuing to thrive, regardless of the circumstances.

Part of any good business preparedness plan should be developing policies to cover an extended need to allow employees to work from home. Here are some of the primary considerations for a smooth transition to telecommuting.

1. Functional and reliable communications systems

In a work from home scenario, the biggest hurdle many companies will face is how to handle phone calls. Fortunately, with cloud hosted phone systems, we have the ability to deploy a fully functional phone system that can be run entirely from employee mobile devices. This includes the ability to make and receive calls through the business phone system, transfer calls, schedule and host conference calls, and more. As long as an employee using the mobile app has a connection to the internet, either over WiFi or 4G, that employee will still be able to make and receive work calls.

A new cloud hosted phone system probably doesn’t cost as much as you think, and with a fully mobile rollout, the turnaround on a cloud hosted phone system is very fast!

2. Secure, reliable access to files and resources

Another challenge employees face when working from home is the ability to access company software and files. There are numerous solutions to this problem, and CDS is happy to work with you to figure out which solution best suits your company’s needs.

  • Cloud-hosted file server
    Cloud hosting company files in a system such as Microsoft OneDrive and/or SharePoint allows users to securely access files through any internet-connected web browser.
  • Remote Desktop (RDP)
    Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) can be used to directly access a computer or server from virtually anywhere with proper setup and permissions.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    A properly configured VPN connection will allow a remote user to securely access the company network and resources hosted or connected therein.

In truth, the best solution is a combination of all of the above methods, but those requirements will vary from company to company. If your company relies on software on a server at the office, your needs will differ from those of a company that’s already largely cloud-based. Regardless of your situation, we can help ensure smooth and efficient operations.

3. Mobile-ready laptops and workstations

Many users have laptop or desktop computers at home already, but in general, using personal devices for work purposes is a bad idea. When a user performs work functions on a personal device, that opens the company up to liability and security issues that could prove costly. In virtually any work from home scenario, all business functions should be performed on a business-owned and issued device. In most cases, the most suitable device will be a laptop.

Laptops provide users with the ability to work efficiently from anywhere with an internet connection. By employing some of the protocols mentioned above such as RDP and VPN, remote laptop users can often operate with the same efficiency and productivity as if they were actually sitting in the office.

CDS offers a wide variety of laptops to meet any possible need a business might have. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing and extremely flexible financing and payment options to make the process as affordable as possible.

Regardless of why you’re considering telecommuting as a solution for your business, the important thing to remember is that, while there are certainly challenges to be met, you have an ally in CDS. Contact CDS today to talk about work from home solutions for your business, for now and for the future.