Modernizing Your Phone System and Communication Strategy

By November 15, 2021 March 15th, 2023 Phones & Communication, SMBs
VoIP: Modernizing Your Business Phone System

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses think about communication would be an understatement. March 2020 feels like a lifetime ago but, at the time, many businesses were scrambling to maintain basic operations in the face of staff illnesses, local mandates, and lockdowns. Employees were sent home with their laptops to work from their kitchen table with the expectation things would be back to business as usual within a few weeks.

Fast forward to today and many of those same businesses and their employees are adapting to the new reality of work in 2021. In fact, 70% of businesses have at least some type of hybrid work model in place. Video chats are a normal part of the day, the commutes are often shorter, and flexibility is a common theme when it comes to work locations. This has led many business leaders to look at modernizing their phone system and overall communication strategy.

A modern phone system needs to be more than just a voice call. It needs to address the complex needs of operating a business in today’s landscape with remote employees, new technologies, social media connections, and more. Plus, it all needs to fit into the budget. This is why many businesses are turning to a powerful, all-encompassing VOIP solution to modernize their communication strategy.

On Location and On-The-Go

Perhaps the most important part of any modern phone system is flexibility. With some employees working from the office, some working from home, and some splitting their time between both; a traditional phone system simply doesn’t cut it. Businesses that want to modernize their phone systems need a VOIP provider that can offer a traditional-style phone system with physical handsets in the office as well as a digital solution for employees working remotely.

With VOIP, that need can be met easily with smartphone apps for iOS and Android as well as desktop software that allows employees to answer calls wherever they are, using whatever device is most convenient. Not only does this enable remote workers to be efficient, it also allows office workers to take their office phone with them. That dreaded feeling of missing a call when outside the office is no more thanks to a wide range of digital solutions to stay connected to the office line. From a customer’s point of view, the experience is the same as if someone was sitting at the desk waiting to take their call.

Powerful Business Management Tools

One of the challenges with a traditional phone system is that it only allows voice calls on hardwired phone lines. However, business is much more complicated than that today. Employees may be fielding phone calls, answering social media messages, engaging in live chat, and more. All of these are separate services that each require attention. That is, until now.

With industry leading VOIP services, businesses can bring together all of those communication channels into one modern phone system. This makes managing communication easier and more efficient. Not only does it take the old, outdated phone system to the next level but it enables businesses to be more efficient and productive no matter where employees are working from.

All the Features, Lower Cost

In addition to the usual phone features like voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, and more; VOIP systems provide new productivity features to help supercharge businesses. For example, calls can automatically be logged to a customer’s profile in many popular CRM platforms using the incoming call ID. Employees simply add a few basic call notes and now there’s a complete picture of the client’s history and experience for future reference.

Many businesses see all of these features and brace for the price tag. After all, these services provide all the features they already have with their traditional phone system plus a seemingly endless list of additional features to take their communication strategy to the next level. However, for many businesses, VOIP services can cut their current phone budget by as much as 80%. It can be a massive savings, especially for small businesses operating on razor thin budgets.

See the Difference Today

With the right VOIP services in place, businesses can connect their overall communication strategy with one central service. From traditional voice services to live chat to CRM integration and integration with other platforms like Facebook, Microsoft 365, and more; VOIP delivers on expectations and then some. Plus, employees can take it all on-the-go with the iOS and Android apps.

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