Buying and Leasing Copiers and Printers in Springfield, Illinois

Buying and Leasing Copiers and Printers in Springfield, Illinois

For business and organizations of all sizes, finding and maintaining the right copiers and printers in Springfield, Illinois may seem overwhelming. This can be especially true for small business in Springfield, Illinois, but can also be challenging for non-profit organizations, growing businesses, and Illinois government agencies. 

The Importance of High-Quality Illinois Copiers and Printers

Modern businesses have many challenges and having the right technology can make all the difference. A business running subpar equipment is at a disadvantage in many ways.

This can be especially true of Illinois printers that may be out-of-date and thus vulnerable to cyberattacks. Printers everywhere, including Springfield printers, are at high risk of hacking when they are network-connected. Older printers are more at risk, and companies need to have good IT security parties in place in order to prevent disasters and disruptions.

In addition to cybersecurity concerns, Illinois copiers and printers can hamper a business if they are constantly breaking down and needing repair. 

Furthermore, Springfield copiers and other equipment may be costing more money than necessary if they are being overused or abused by staff members who may be using them for non-work purposes.

Better Illinois copiers and printers can help solve these problems.

What to Look for in Springfield Copiers and Printers

When looking for Illinois copiers and printers, it can be helpful to first determine the exact needs of your Springfield business or organization. There are many different types of printers and copiers to choose from in Springfield. Prioritizing functional needs can help in making a choice. Some Illinois printer options to consider:

Standalone Springfield Copiers 

A standalone copier may be a good idea if you have a high volume of copies and don’t want the fuss of extra functionality. Standalone copiers in Springfield may also provide improved durability and better copying options such as collating.

Multifunction Printers (MFPs) in Illinois

Multifunction printers (MFPs) are very popular in Springfield, Illinois for their versality and often compact footprint. Also called “all-in-one” printers, MFPs are becoming the default printer for many Illinois small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and government agencies. 

Springfield Wide-Format Printers 

Another type of printer you might find in Springfield is the wide-format printer. Wide format printers are special printers that can handle larger paper sizes. These large paper sizes may include posters, banners, and display items. This makes wide-format printers popular in Springfield, Illinois. 

Inkjet vs. Laserjet Printers in Springfield, Illinois

Another option to consider is inket vs. laserjet printers in Illinois. Inkjet printers can make beautiful color prints and are very flexible. Laserjets are typically black and white (though can be color) and print fast. LED printers are an upgrade to Laserjet technology and are fast and reliable.

Looking to Upgrade Illinois Copiers or Printers?

You have two main options with Illinois copiers or printers: buying or leasing. Buying outright may have some tax benefits and means you own the equipment outright. Leasing Springfield copiers and printers, on the other hand, makes it easy to upgrade when you want a new printer model.

Managed Print Services for Your Springfield, Illinois Printers

Managed Print Services (MPS) is one of the best ways to manage and upgrade your Illinois copiers and printers. At CDS Office Technologies, we utilize the latest MPS monitoring software to keep tabs on your entire print fleet and make sure everything is running smoothly. Toner replacement is easy with automated refills and activity monitoring. This is also a great way to add cybersecurity to your Illinois printers.

Looking for Copiers and Printers in Springfield, Illinois?

If your business needs copiers and printers near Springfield, Illinois, look no further than CDS Office Technologies. We have partnered with leading suppliers of top-quality printers, copiers, and MFPs, including Konica Minolta, Lexmark, Sharp, and HP. We also offer responsive and secure Managed Print Services in Illinois to help your Springfield small business, non-profit organization, or larger business. We can help you save costs while improving security and reliability if you are looking for Illinois copiers and printers. 

CDS Office Technologies is a leading provider of world-class Managed Print Services for businesses in and around Springfield, Illinois. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.