Secure Multifunction Printing Solutions for the Classroom

Secure Multifunction Printing Solutions for the Classroom

While teachers struggle to maintain grade point averages, and administrators need to ensure the timely processing of submissions and documents, finding new ways to increase efficiency may prove difficult. To ensure the school achieves its annual targets, leveraging the right stack of education technology can help with workflow automation and therefore, gain additional process improvements.

A hardware device that can streamline the administrative process and improve educational workflows is a modern Multifunction Printer (MFP). These devices provide energy-efficient printing, scanning, and copying features and can integrate with other digital infrastructure to maximize the institution’s productivity.

Modern Multifunction Printers for Academic Institutions

It’s common for schools to suffer technology lag due to budget constraints or other institutional challenges. Due to this, schools may lose control over their print fleet, especially if the equipment is an older generation device. Reviewing the printing operations and updating the MFPs can help the school to reduce costs while regaining control over their printing fleet. Here are some printers that can help achieve this.

Konica Minolta All-in-One Printing Solutions

Konica Minolta provides a variety of MFPs to streamline operational processes and reduce the cost of printing operations in any organization. The Bizhub range of all-in-one printers delivers excellent efficiency for both color or black and white copy and printing tasks. The Bizhub C227 color MFP can print or copy 28 pages per minute and comes with a multi-touch interface and intuitive controls.

Bizhub MFPs also have a variety of apps available from the Konica Minolta Marketplace to further improve efficiencies and automate workflows. With the optional voice guidance features, everyone in the school can benefit from using the Bizhub range of Konica Minolta all-in-one printers.

Sharp Integrated Multifunction Printers and Document Solutions

Sharp provides a set of multifunction platforms that deliver exceptional image quality yet are easy to use and control. Models like the MX-2616N can deliver 26 pages per minute in either color or black and white with a tray capacity of 3,100 sheets. Built to be a workhorse in any environment, the Sharp range of MFPs also integrates with existing information management systems and comes with a standard document filing system included.

Similar to the Konica Minolta range of devices, Sharp’s MFPs have full-color touch-screens with a graphical navigation display for improved ease of use. It also comes with advanced device management features, uses less power, and has a remote front panel to manage color and usage costs.

Lexmark Intelligent Document and Imaging Systems

Although paper will remain essential in schools for long into the future, Lexmark enables academic institutions to reduce their reliance on physical documents. Schools can speed up their administrative processes with intelligent document capturing and digitization solutions from Lexmark.

This reduces the number of manual steps required when administrators process information and makes it easily retrievable from any device. By reducing redundancies during the information capturing process, administrators are free to focus on activities that add more value to the institution and students.

HP Fully Optimized and Secure Document Management Workflows

HP isn’t just innovating their hardware for improved security and efficiency; they also provide the next generation of digital technologies for optimized workflows at educational institutions. The latest range of HP printers are Energy Star certified, use less ink for every print, and enable schools to digitize and automate workflows.

With HP’s set of technologies, schools can automate paper-based processes, digitize their admissions process, and retain control over all information management processes. By digitizing information capturing and processing, as well as controlling access to the MFPs and other imaging devices, schools can reduce the cost of operations and increase the productivity of every staff member.

Securing Multifunction Printers in Schools

Another reason why school districts should upgrade their print technology is to improve information security. Older generation MFPs didn’t have advanced cybersecurity protections and have become a target for bad actors. Modern MFPs have features that include encryption, pull-to-print, and self-scanning to detect any malware or unsigned software installed on the device.

Schools mainly manage a lot of sensitive data relating to both the students and faculty. To ensure the institution doesn’t suffer from a cyberattack that leads to a data breach, upgrading to the latest secure printing and copying solutions will be essential.

A Secure Managed Print Solution from CDS Office Technologies

For improved operational workflows and leveraging the latest, secure technologies, CDS Office Technologies can help academic institutions and school districts of any size. CDS Office Technologies provide a range of multifunction devices and office productivity solutions to streamline the entire workflow for greater efficiency and cost savings. Cybersecurity is a responsibility that every administrator should take seriously, as it could lead to reputational damage, civil liabilities, or data loss.

To discuss your school’s multifunction printer requirements and to gain process improvements using workflow automation, get in touch with CDS Office Technologies today.