Why Print is Still Relevant in the Digital Age

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Why Print is Still Relevant in the Digital Age

When the Internet first launched in the 90s, many people had this vision of a paperless future where everything would become electronic in an enlightened digital age. And while many science fiction predictions have come to pass, such as the digital tablets used in Star Trek, good old-fashioned printing on paper is still really critical for business.

Printing is still important for businesses in the 2020s. In fact, print often outpaces digital tech in key ways. For this reason, a high-quality office printer is still a good investment.

Why Printing Is Still Important in the Digital Age

A survey of international businesses found that 64% of business owners believed print would still be important by 2025, with paper being unimportant to only 23%. Millennials also believe that paper will still continue to be important. Why is paper still so compelling versus digital documents?

Paper Offers a Take-Home Option

If someone visits your office, and you want to give them information to take with you, paper is still king. Yes, you could email it to them. But email is often lost or not read at all. Furthermore, not everyone has access to a computer at home. For a doctor’s office that needs to provide important information about medications and health conditions, paper instructions are critical for sharing information.

Paper is also better when it comes to brochures, business cards, and other hand-held marketing collateral that can be easily picked up and pocketed for later viewing.

Posters and Banners Provide Perks that Digital Displays Can’t Always Match

Digital displays and signage are great tools. These digital age wonders can be used for everything from displaying menu items to providing an immersive branding experience for people visiting your corporate headquarters.

That said, digital displays just can’t be used everywhere (at least not yet). If you need to put up a notice about COVID-19 distancing on a doorway, a paper poster is going to be a better option. Paper signage and banners using modern print technologies can be cheaply and easily made in-house for a variety of uses.

Many People Prefer Printing for Work and Study

Computers and tablets can cut down on the need to print out paper. That said, sometimes paper is just better for certain uses. For some, editing documents is easier when a document is printed. Sure, computer word processors may highlight many common errors, but sometimes they still miss a some basic things, like a missed “a” in a sentence.

Furthermore, many people are suffering from eye strain due to extensive computer use. For reasons of personal health as well as preference, paper is often preferred or least in demand as an option.

How Modern Print Technologies Enable Businesses and Organizations of All Sizes

One of the great aspects of the digital age is that modern print technologies make high quality printing accessible for all. Let’s say your school needs to print out banners and other paper signage on a regular basis. Instead of shipping out the project to an expensive print shop, a wide-format printer can be used on-site for much less.

Investing in a Quality Office Printer

Of course, getting the most out of modern print technologies won’t happen if you are using an old printer that malfunctions on a regular basis. Today’s printers have many amazing features, from multifunction printers that also work as copiers and scanners, to wide-format printers that can create large-scale pieces.

Many offices like to purchase printers outright, which can be a great option, but you can also lease printers and have them fully managed with our managed print services solution. With managed print services, the entire print ecosystem can be easily monitored using centralized, secure software. This enables you to understand how your printers are being used (or overused), which can help guide policies that can curtal overuse and save money.

Additionally, toner and other supplies can also be ordered automatically, so your business or organization is never out of ink.

Modern Print Solutions from CDS Technologies

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If your business needs printing solutions in the digital age, CDS Office Technologies can help. We offer a full range of multifunction printers as well as managed print solutions to fit the needs of organizations of all sizes. Contact us today for a quote.