How to Reduce Printing Cost Per Page with MPS

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Managed print services (MPS) are a great way to reduce office costs. Such services illuminate the precise nature of a print environment. Say goodbye to unnecessary printing, mysteriously vanishing supplies, and employees printing items of a personal nature. Offices can reduce their printing cost per page by tweaking a few of their habits.

A managed print service sets an office up for success by making the print environment leaner, more efficient, and better suited for an organization’s exact printing needs. Here are a few ideas to reduce the printing cost per page that are not always immediately obvious.

Capitalize on Cost Effectiveness

CDS already offers some of the best rates in the industry. Much of that arises from the longstanding relationship which CDS has with leading office equipment manufacturers. Our experts know what works and can find the best tools for any given situation, with a pricing structure that delivers value to an organization.

Likewise, unlike other managed print services, CDS offers a free Print Management Plus assessment tool to install in an office that will track printing usage. Businesses will immediately know where to cut down, and managed print services will respond accordingly.

However, there are still things an organization can do on its own to reduce printing costs per page.

Reduce the Printing Cost Per Page

An MPS streamlines the printing environment. The office drives down costs further by reducing the printing cost per page through a series of modifications in employee print behavior.

The average cost of printing per page is found by dividing the number of pages a printer was able to print into the price of the cartridge. Paper usage is essential, but even with CDS’s ultra-low price points, printer ink is roughly twice the price of Chanel No. 5. Therefore, driving down ink usage reduces overall cost and makes cartridges last longer.

1. Print Only in Black and White.

Monochrome—commonly known as black and white—printing is much more cost-effective than full-color printing. Unless a document needs to be in color, setting the default printer settings to monochrome will help preserve consumable resources.

2. Adjust the Page Margins.

One smart way to reduce an office printing cost per page is to adjust the margins of documents so they are slightly narrower. It allows more words to fit on the page, thereby increasing the cost-effectiveness of each page.

While certain professional documents may need specific formatting, consider adopting this technique for internal or informal documents. Examples include:

  • Internal training manuals or policy documents
  • Items printed for record-keeping purposes
  • Company memos
  • Informal communications such as internal job postings or announcements

3. Change the Font.

Some fonts use significantly more ink than others. For example, Courier was the standard typeface until Times New Roman replaced it in 2004 to improve readability and give documents a more modern appearance. While Times New Roman is a fantastic and cost-effective font, other fonts which use less ink per letter include:

  • Calibri, the standard Microsoft Office font
  • Century Gothic
  • Helvetica
  • Garamond

It’s crucial to avoid fonts such as Cooper Black and Impact, which are thick and heavy. Hollow fonts are also a great option when used with design in mind.

Reinvest Funds in Digital Document Processes

The cost-savings generated from reducing the cost of printing per page can be further amplified by reinvesting savings into other digital document processes. In other words, cut out printing altogether wherever it’s possible.

Digital document management reduces the need to print by keeping some aspects of the document lifecycle in the digital realm. For instance, consider investing in:

  • Digital archival software to eliminate the need to print emails or invoices for records
  • The use of PDFs, which can be sent electronically
  • Infrastructure to handle customer forms or input electronically
  • E-newsletters, or other types of internal communications

An MPS can assist with all of this because document processes and managed printing services complement each other. Therefore, the next time further adjustments to the company’s printing environment is up for discussion, consider a conversation in how to reinvest the savings derived from leveraging an MPS.

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A managed print service is a great way to slash the printing cost per page in an office. However, there are still things which most offices can do to eliminate unnecessary spending further when it comes to printing. We’ve covered a few ideas to help you get started.

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