The Next Generation of Print Technology

The Next Generation of Print Technology

Many people look at printers as static pieces of hardware. To these people, a printer is simply a device that puts ink or toner to paper and that’s it. However, printers are actually pieces of everchanging technology, much like smartphones. The capabilities of printers have continued to grow in recent years and there are always new developments coming to the world of printing.

One risk of not understanding the next generation of print technology is that people will write off printers as obsolete or unnecessary. In doing so, these people would miss out on the wide range of features and benefits that printers can deliver to their business. With printers becoming hubs of technology rather than just machines that print, the next generation of print technology may be surprising to some.

Adding in Some Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming a selling feature of many different technology and software platforms. It’s one of the many ways manufacturers and developers are expanding the capabilities of their products. The same is true for many of the top brands in the printing world including Konica Minolta, Sharp, HP, and Lexmark. With the power of AI built into next generation printers, businesses are able to become more efficient in a number of different ways.

AI in a printer can do everything from analyze documents being printed to accommodate for the best formatting and least amount of print waste which, ultimately, saves money on supplies like paper and toner. Other AI capabilities include monitoring important systems to not only identify maintenance or restocking needs but actively learn to predict these events before they happen based on use.

AI is predicted to add up to $16 trillion to the world economy by the end of the decade thanks to productivity improvements. Making full use of next generation print technology is a simple and efficient way for businesses of all sizes to capitalize on this trend.

A Hub for Digital Workflows

Many businesses are making the push to digitize many of their workflows and processes. On the surface, this would seem bad for printers, right? The opposite is true. Printers have long been a centralized hub for a range of office workflows and the move to digitization just means refocusing the actual duties of that central hub.

Much like the smartphones everyone knows and loves, printers have become connected devices and a platform for development and creativity. Some of the most popular printers enable businesses to browse and install apps to improve productivity. This could include everything from cloud storage connectivity to workflow optimization software which can automate processes by parsing data in scanned forms, file documents in the correct folder, and share with applicable staff.

Printers are now able to take many of the menial data entry and administration tasks previously done by employees and automatically remove those speed bumps to enable staff to focus on their job and deliver the most value in other ways.

Next Generation Ink

Many people don’t often think of ink as something ripe for a leap into the future. However, manufacturers are always working to improve their ink in a number of different ways. Some of the latest developments in ink technology include water-based inks that dry rapidly without bleeding. Ultimately, this means clearer pictures when printing, better color representation, and expanded abilities which is especially important for commercial printers using wide format devices to create banners, signs, decals, and more.

As the print devices continue to improve, so will the ink used within. From reducing waste to improving environmental sustainability; print technology is advancing in all areas of the process.

An Emphasis on Security

Cybersecurity is always a hot topic when discussing technology. As printers have become increasingly connected to the internet, they have also become targets for hackers. Some of the most impressive development in print technology has come from the security side of things. Since printers are such a central point for many business workflows, security should be of the utmost importance.

A great example of this is Bizhub Secure, available on Konica Minolta devices. This added layer of security helps protect against data breaches both physical and digital.

Experience What the Future Holds

Print technology is advancing quickly. Businesses have the opportunity to embrace the latest that printers have to offer and improve their competitive standpoint. Whether you need new office devices or a wide format printer for commercial jobs; contact the print experts at CDS Office Technologies today.