Why Your IT Department Should Outsource Some of Its Tasks

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Why your IT department should outsource IT tasks

Consider the kinds of tasks an IT department handles every day. As industries change and diversify, this list of items grows longer and longer, and can result in businesses feeling overwhelmed or underprepared.

This is why so many companies are starting to see the benefits of strategically selecting certain IT tasks to outsource to business partners. In fact, some industry analytics show that successful businesses outsource up to 60% of IT functions. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing IT services, and some of the best tasks to consider farming out to the experts.

What Are the Benefits of IT Outsourcing?

When faced with the question of whether to outsource, some business owners respond with “But that’s the reason we have an IT department!” However, considering IT in the context of what a business does and delivers can help to focus where the department’s in-house expertise and energy can (and should) go. Some of the benefits of outsourcing IT services include:

  • Better Pricing: Often, outsourced IT dealers have much better pricing on hardware and IT solutions due to their high volume and purchasing power vs. a typical end-user.
  • Project Management: Outsourced IT experts are better for managing projects like installing or expanding a camera system or network service, while in-house IT handles business-specific tickets.
  • Supplemented Knowledge: One IT department can only specialize in so much. Outsourcing tasks opens up access to the latest information about security, information management, and more.
  • Big-Picture Understanding: Tunnel-vision is a common risk for an in-house IT department. With too much focus on the day’s processes and tickets, a business can become vulnerable to threats.

With strategic outsourcing of certain tasks, a business can actually save money and improve company functionality. With the right experts to handle certain tasks, a business can enjoy more security, more comprehensive expertise, and more resources to focus on their own business.

What Do Companies Outsource to External IT Partners?

Aside from gaining the latest in knowledge and expertise in IT management, companies that choose to outsource certain IT tasks can focus more energy on their own business. Often, this means that organizations outsource the kinds of tasks that are outside the day-to-day ticketing system for their business, such as:

1. Device Acquisition and Management

With seemingly countless options available, it can be challenging for businesses to select the hardware that best fits their processes and goals. Servers, MFPs, and other big-ticket items are a long-term investment and require ongoing management. Outsourcing the acquisition and service contracts for these items can not only simplify the process and help a company avoid logistical pitfalls, but can also save business money over time.

2. Large Cabling or Wiring Projects

Unless this is the specialty for a business, these kinds of tasks are best left to the pros. Choosing a certified partner to install a security camera system, for example, will ensure that the job is done right. This will also help the in-house IT department maintain focus on internal needs rather than sacrificing quality for the duration of a big project.

3. Network Services

For most businesses, the capacity to effectively maintain and monitor a business network is simply not there. Managed technology services (MTS)—formerly managed network services (MNS)—present an excellent opportunity to outsource the entire management of a business network, including security, user behavior monitoring, system upgrades, and more.

4. Telecommunications

Today’s business environment means more companies are relying on complex telecommunications systems to maintain good internal and external communication. This also means that businesses can quickly spend too much money on duplicative or incompatible systems. By outsourcing telecommunications, businesses can benefit from a single integrated solution that meets their current and changing telecom needs.

Partnering with an external IT company means a business can benefit from the expertise they don’t have – all while reclaiming their own time and resources for what they do best. Strategic outsourcing can limit risk and unnecessary costs, all while refocusing priorities on internal needs.

How to Choose the Best Partner for Outsourced IT Services

Outsourced IT services will only be as good as the company that provides them. Choosing the right IT partner means selecting a company with industry-specific experience and a solid track record of performance.

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