Printers in Springfield, Illinois

What do multifunction printers have to do with Springfield, IL? Everything.

Multifunction printers are a way for businesses to communicate with customers, clients, and the public. Since Springfield has so many opportunities for businesses to grow, having a strategy in place to utilize printers as a marketing tool in Springfield is a good idea.

Business Opportunities in Springfield, Illinois

As the largest metropolitan area in central Illinois, Springfield is a great place to live and run a business. The city population is just over 110,000, and the metropolitan area is about double that. 

Springfield, IL is also home to many universities and colleges, including the University of Illinois, Springfield; Lincoln Land Community College; St. Johns College; and Southern Illinois University.

This makes Springfield a great place for people who want a bit of a city feel without all the overwhelm of a larger metropolis. (It also means if you make a poster with your printer in Springfield, it might actually be seen!)

Springfield, which is part of Sangamon County, as well as the greater metropolitan area, which includes Menard County, is a popular destination for people who want to take a break from the cluttered craziness of Chicago. With many tourist attractions such as President Abraham Lincoln’s personal home, Springfield is often used as a great weekend getaway for families and others.

For businesses in Springfield, as well as those considering doing business in Springfield, an opportunity exists to reach these tourists and travelers who are coming to visit historical points of interest. MFP printers in Springfield can be used to reach these tourists with postcards, brochures, posters, and more.

Multifunction Printers (MFPs) in Springfield, Illinois

A multifunction printer is more than just a printer. An MFP is a copier, printer, scanner, and maybe even a fax machine, all rolled into one. Multifunction printers come in all sizes, so you can get a small personal MFP that might just do basic copying and scanning and printing, or you can get an enterprise level workhorse that can also offer additional features such as collating, stapling, and even-wide format printing.

Not all Springfield businesses may need an MFP. Your business might just need a fast laser printer in Springfield. It really depends on your specific needs.

What Type of MFP Do You Need in Springfield, Illinois?

For businesses assessing printers in Springfield, IL, you will want to figure out what features you are going to need to best inform your choice. 

Collating & Stapling: Some multifunction printers offer collating and stapling of documents to speed up processing time and reduce the need for human intervention. This might be a good option for businesses or non-profit organizations in Springfield, Illinois that produce a lot of proposals and responses to RFPs.

Wide-Format MFPs: Wide-format multifunction printers in Springfield can be used to print posters, banners, and other large print items that can be great for school events and outdoor advertising. Healthcare organizations in Springfield, IL, can also use wide-format MFPs to produce health information posters that can be put up in clinics and hospitals.

Access controls: MFPS with access control in Springfield can be used to ensure that printer resources are not being wasted by frivolous staff members. It is sadly quite common for employees to use business printers for personal use. As you can imagine, this practice unfortunately wastes paper, toner, and ink. With MFP access control, your Springfield business can keep an eye on how printers are being used and mitigate printer overuse.

Automated ink and toner refills: If you use Managed Print Services such as the Print Management Plus service we offer at CDS Office Technologies, your MFP printers in Springfield can be monitored not just for usage, but also for levels of ink and toner. Then the ink and toner can be automatically ordered and shipped to your office. Thus, you will not have to worry about restocking supplies for your printers in Springfield or running out at an inopportune time.

Need MFP Printers in Springfield, Illinois?

To keep your Springfield business competitive, you need to take advantage of all of the latest technologies when it comes to printers. Multifunction printers are best at offering convenience and practical features that can help your business grow. Additionally, when you add Managed Print Services (MPS) from CDS Office Technologies, you can take advantage of prompt service along with full visibility into your printer environment. Our Print Management Plus solution can help your better evaluate and manage your printers and copiers. Our factory trained and certified field engineers will be here for you in Springfield to keep your printers up and running.

CDS Office Technologies is a leading provider of top-quality multifunction printers in Springfield, Illinois. For full management of your printers in Springfield, take advantage of our Managed Print Services (MPS). We serve small businesses, large businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies in and around Springfield, IL. If you would like to upgrade to the latest multifunction printers in Springfield, Illinois, please contact us for a consultation.