Managed IT Services in Marion, Illinois

Managed IT Services for Marion, Illinois Businesses

Managed IT services can be a wonderful benefit to Marion, Illinois businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. In this blog, we will explain a little bit about how managed IT works and how it can benefit your Marion, IL business.

Marion, Illinois: A Great Place to Do Business

Marion is just a small city with a population of under 20,000. However, as part of the Carbondale-Marion-Herrin, Illinois Combined Statistical Area with 123,272 residents, Marion actually has a big business impact in Southern Illinois. This is why managed IT for Marion businesses can be really important (more on that shortly).

You may not know that Marion has been the largest retail trade center in Southern Illinois. This is in no small part due to its central location at the intersection of Interstate 57 and Illinois Route 13. The town grew out of coalfields in the early 20th century. 

However, some of Marion’s shine dimmed when the keystone Illinois Star Centre mall failed in 2018, to completely close its doors to the public in December 2019. The good news is, as of June 2022, the massive 300,000 square foot mall space is now being completely gutted and renovated. Its new owners envision an indoor/outdoor shopping and entertainment center that might include everything from a large ATV dealership to virtual reality games to indoor mini-golf.

While there’s no firm timeline yet on when the new Illinois Star Centre mall will reincarnate and open to the public, it’s sure to be a hub and destination for locals and tourists alike. This is why Marion businesses need to be prepared for growth, and why managed IT can help.

Why Use Managed IT Services for Marion Businesses?

As the Marion-Herrin Micropolitan Area comprises a portion of the sixth most populous combined statistical area in Illinois, business that want to thrive here have many opportunities.

To stay nimble and prepared, Marion businesses should leverage managed IT services. But what are managed IT services and how can they help local businesses?

Managed IT, also known as Managed Technology Services or MTS, is a service provided by a qualified third-party vendor to help manage, maintain, and protect computer systems and networks. You may have also heard of Managed Network Services (MNS), which is an overlapping term with a special emphasis on the network management side of managed IT.

Managed IT is a great option for Marion businesses that need extra tech hands but don’t have the in-house resources needed. With Managed Technology Services in Marion, your business can focus more on its core products instead of trying to put out IT fires.

The Benefits of Managed Technology Services for Marion Businesses

Managed IT services in Marion offer a lot of benefits to local businesses and nonprofit organizations. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Marion can especially benefit from the proactive support and expertise offered by Managed Technology Services. Benefits of Managed IT in Marion include:

  • Predictable monthly costs that can enable easier budging and financial planning.
  • Increased reliability and uptime with your computer systems and networks.
  • Proactive cybersecurity and data protection to keep your information networks safe.
  • Comprehensive reporting to provide full visibility into your system.
  • Less frequent downtime, which saves costs and also helps boost employee productivity.

Managed IT in Marion can help your Southern Illinois business be more competitive by freeing up resources and energy from wrangling IT problems.

Managed IT Strategy in Marion, Illinois

One of the benefits of working with a world-class managed IT firm like CDS Office Technologies is that you get the benefit of not just IT support but also experienced IT strategy. As part of the Managed IT service, your entire IT ecosystem will be assessed and analyzed. A complete network assessment and inventory will be coordinated to find out exactly what’s going on with your technology systems. 

A plan will be put into place to update old systems and improve security. Network monitoring software can also be utilized to remotely keep tabs on your IT network in Marion.

The end result will be a more robust and reliable technology ecosystem for your Marion business. 

Managed IT Services for Marion, Illinois Businesses and Organizations

For businesses of all sizes, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies in Marion, IL, having reliable technology is critical. Managed IT services from CDS Office Technologies can help. Our knowledgeable, certified IT team can help craft a smart tech strategy for your organization and help you implement it, reducing stress and strain on your in-house team. Our solutions are customized for Marion, IL businesses and organizations. We want to help you succeed and thrive in Southern Illinois.

CDS Office Technologies is a leading provider of managed IT services in Marion, Illinois. Our dedicated tech team helps small businesses, large businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies in and around Marion, IL. If you would like to reliable Managed IT support in Marion, Illinois, please contact us for a consultation.